The reason why we launched this blog

pic from here

Have we opened the chai bar? Not yet. Do we have an exact location? No, but there are some options. Do we have a name for the chai bar? No, but we have a shortlist. So why the hell do we want people to join our FB page now?..

That’s a really good question. And there is a simple answer to it: we need you now. We are enthusiasts – not businessmen, newbies – not professionals, romantics – not pragmatics. Otherwise this idea would never been born at all.

So if you like the idea itself, if you are curious how it develops, if you want to have your favorite bar in Berlin, join us. Using this page it will be easier for you to follow the news, express your opinion, it will be easier for us to get to know you, feel your support, check our ideas. We don’t have a physical place to gather the psybient music fans yet, but at least we can gather them here!

Evo and Ruta


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