Why psy?

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When my mom heard the word “psychedelic”, she thought that it’s something about madness or insanity. I guess she never was a hippie. Neither do I, but somehow I found myself in this vibrant world full of energetic music, crazy (not “Shining” crazy, but good crazy) people, vivid art and a feeling of coming back to the roots of being. Nothing insane about that, huh?

Our all beloved Google can give you plenty articles about psychedelia, psychedelic culture, psychedelic movement, you name it. But I might save you some time. Have you ever enjoyed fancy-free, drifting music melody that stimulates your body to move so you would feel every inch of it? Have you ever enjoyed being surrounded among strangers and feel nothing strange about that, just a sense of belonging? Have you ever enjoyed looking through kaleidoscope and admire all these bright or highly contrasting colors, surrealistic subjects? And have you ever chose to sit on a on the ground instead of comfortable chair or sofa? If one these questions was fallowed by positive answer, there’s a highly risk that you also might find yourself in psychedelic culture. And if all you answered “yes” to all these questions, we’ll probably meet in our chai bar.

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This mini questionnaire was a simple try to explain why we felt for this and a simple way to name the basics of psychedelic culture: psy music, its festivals, art, socializing and informal surroundings. It’s just a little part, the essence of psychedelic movement. But at the same time it is big reason why we decided to go for psy bar idea.

I always was a big fan of music and I was experimenting with all kinds of it. God knows, I even listened to trash metal. But only with psy music I felt such a rush and ease at the same time. So I let my mind drift and get out of this place. Pure relaxing. Relax is something that I’m seeking in today’s eat-sleep-buy-die world. There are various of artists, bands that I admire and not all them are psychedelic. In my mind, they all get along.

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Getting along is something that happens in psychedelic festivals as well. Music is getting along with people. People are getting along with other people and nature. It’s sort of cultural ecosystem, isn’t it? We can’t deny that nature is important part of psychedelic and our bar idea. Being close to it and feel harmony with the environment. It’s about being close to the ground. Literally :) You don’t mind sitting on a pillow or a bean bag chair, do you?

Talking about psy art, there is one thing I haven’t understood yet: what does it reveal? Harmony or chaos? Maybe both? I could look at these fantastic, metaphysical, colorful spirals, circles, patterns for hours, and still don’t name the objects. I like this secret.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to disclose the secret of psychedelic culture and why people go for it. You will need a life or even two to know and understand everything it has. Maybe that’s the drive?



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