Birth of the psydea

pic from here

I was walking along the streets of Ljubljana listening to psybient. It was last winter, quite freezing, but the music was warming me up and giving me an impulse to move forward. The music was melting my dissatisfaction, stress, anger and gave way to peace, confidence, belief. It let my thoughts fly away.

This music is special, it has to spread, to heal other spirits too, I thought. It should be more public, should be found not only on the internet, played not only in the earphones. People would stumble across it and fall in love with it, like I have.

Also, it would be amazing to meet people, who love this music too – talk to them, share the thoughts, just be among similar souls, be a part of community, not alone with mp3 player. Transformational festivals are magnificent, but far too occasional events. Some Goa trance parties have pretty chillout areas, but parties are not really for socializing, rather for… you know, partying :)

A… bar! A bar in the broad sense – a meeting point of the psybient tribe, an island for relaxation and meditation, a hotspot of psychedelic culture, a studio for psy art and workshops, a sales point for psybient artists and psychedelic festivals.

When the vision of this idea was flowing in front of my eyes, the blood rushed to my head, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I realized – this is it. The next step of my path. The new page in my life.



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