Psychedelic festivals: under the hood

pic from here

Since one open mind – Evo just came back from a beautiful, colorful, rhythmical Freqs Of Nature festival, another open mind decided to take a look at phenomenon of psychedelic festivals. I don’t have any intention to sound like another article on Wikipedia, or give you sugared up propaganda speech. I’m curious fan of psy culture.

Every festival, no matter whether it’s in India, Germany or our native Lithuania, gathers thousands of souls. Why is it so? This question stuck in my head for good, so I tried to answer it through glance into psychedelic festivals – Ozora, Boom, Burning Man and many others. What is it about them that attracts multitude of nomads from various parts of the world? People are planning trips to psy festivals for months or even a year. People are saving every penny so they could join the tribe. People design their costumes or choose the best outfit for the EVENT. Once you there, you don’t want to come back. For good.

My theory sounds like this: psychedelic festival is the sketch of a better world. And the idea of this sketch is P.L.U.R. – peace, love, unity, respect.

Through different stages of my life, I’ve related to various kinds of music: punk, rock, metal, electronic, techno, attended those kind of concerts, some festivals, met those kind of people. But nowhere I found peace. By saying peace I mean both personal state of mind and social state of harmony. And there we have psychedelic festival in front of us. A massive gathering with no elements of violence, aggression, anger or hate. When you look at these nomads faces, you can’t think of any other word, but peace. What’s the most important – it’s not a pose.

Peace comes along with love. It is undivided. Like Bob Marley and reggae :) Djs are giving their love throughout music. People are taking and shearing it to each other. Sharing is caring, right? Every particle in psychedelic festival is made with love: from food to mind blowing decorations. Go to one and witness my words :)

I mentioned “Sharing is caring” with a purpose. It is one of the basic philosophy among psy people and of course psy festivals. This philosophy only exists where the unity is. In my earlier post “Why Psy” I shared my thoughts about psy festivals as well. As I said it, these festivals remind me of a cultural ecosystem. Music is getting along with people. People are getting along with other people and nature.

Respect. Another positive feeling in psy world and it’s events. These fests are perfect example that different nations, different religions, different races, different ages can exist in one place, together and cause no harm. Why? Because people don’t even think about it!

I guess these are the main reasons why psychedelic fests are alive more than 15 years (I didn’t mentioned music on purpose, it is another topic and deserves separate post). Fans are so passionate about them, because these 3 or 4 days creates small, utopian society. Society, where so little is needed for completeness.

I will end my words with a quote from Raver’s Manifesto. Author is unknown.

“<…> Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none. Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be.”



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