Holi – festival dedicated to… colors!

Let’s face it: pop culture tricked our minds into thinking, that everything what’s related with India or Hindus is deep and spiritual. Despite that, this is really fascinating. Pure, colorific joy.

pic from here

Did you know that there’s a festival of…colors?! Holi is the name of it.  It’s primarily observed in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal. That’s how Hindus celebrates spring. Throwing vibrant powders and pigments.

pic from here

Official information states, that all three forms in which the Holi colors are produced – pastes, dry colors and water colors are natural. However, in 2001 investigation disclosed some facts about toxic chemicals founded in colors.

Yet, people doesn’t seem to care about it

pic from here

Here comes yellow powder for folks

Link text

Obvious, hindus are very passionate about Holi

pic from here

Every breathing creation is involved

pic from here

All is full of colors. It’s like rainbow exploded

pic from here

Raise your hands, who would like to be colored? :)



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