In the search of the right place (part 1)

It’s already 1.5 months I’m here in Berlin, looking for the place for our psybient chai bar. I must admit, I naively expected this search to be easier and faster.

I can blame lazy real estate agents, who don’t provide much information (not mentioning poor pictures!!!) about the objects they represent or don’t even bother to publish  it online,- they think a poster (sometimes a sheet of paper) on the window “zu mieten” is enough.

But the main reasons probably are our high requirements for the place. It has to be in hippie neighborhood, cool house, large room for guests, high ceiling, large windows, nice view… :) And cheap! You don’t want us to have expensive drinks & food, right? ;)

I have visited many objects already; I’d like to share my impressions about some of them, the ones that looked the most promising.

One place we found was in Mitte. The advertisement had surprisingly pretty pictures and sounded attractive: at the tourist street (Oranienburger Str.), ex-yoga studio, art gallery and vegetarian café.

In reality it looked pretty too: close to Tacheles, in the sweet backyard, in the neighborhood of art galleries and handcraft jewelry stores. The premises looked recently renovated, clean, even with the wall-integrated sound system and fully equipped kitchen.

The guest room was about 100 sq.m., it felt spacious and light enough although it’s a semi-basement, maybe because of the arcs and white walls.

BUT the owner of the place was asking for the transfer payment (ablösezahlung) of 15 000 eur (!) And the whole sound & kitchen equipment was for sale separately (yeah, I should have guessed that). I had a chance to speak with the previous renter, who was running the yoga-café. He complained that he had not enough customers: the tourists didn’t come by as expected and the people living around were not interested in that kind of place… Really, the street looks too fancy, with luxurious restaurants and shiny fashion shops; a psy bar would be a total stranger here.

I have a feeling that the whole Mitte is like this, so it’s not for us, although the poll on Goabase stated otherwise.

To be continued…



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