In the search of the right place (part 2)

RAW-Tempel is an amazing area, which was attracting our attention since our first visit to Berlin. We would be an appropriate neighbor for the night club which has hosted many Goa trance parties, art workshops, recording studios, meditation and circus training centers, Cassiopeia’s climbing walls. I found out that there is one object available for rent – 100 sq.m. space for a reasonable price. Sounds perfect! But the next sentence in the agent’s email was disturbing: no heating, no water, no electricity, a tenant must take care of it oneself.

Nevertheless, i had to see it. The space was the whole house, so no complaining neighbors, how cool!


BUT… Well, the agent forgot to mention that a tenant also has to take care of the floor, windows, doors, toilets and everything else.

Basically, the whole house has to be renovated. That’s way too much: we are enthusiasts, but not of the construction works :)

The agent said it used to be a shower-room for the workers (RAW-Tempel is the former railway repair factory). I wonder how the house interior looked back then…

To be continued…



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