In the search of the right place (part 3)

We were quite disappointed with the offers for “gastronomie gewerbe”, so we expanded our search scope. We found a beautiful loft, which matched all our requirements – wonderful location (next to Görlitzer Park), impressive industrial building, decently renovated spacious room with high ceiling – which currently was a business office.

The entrance was through the backyard, it’s in the second floor, but i don’t think it would be a problem for psy people, right?

And the neighbors in the building are companies and studios, which need silence during the day; nobody should care about the rhythmic bass at night.

The space was divided to 2 rooms; the larger room was 60 sq.m. – a bit smallish for a guest room, but if the kitchen, bar and other stuff is in the second room, it might be enough…

We were totally excited, i asked for the contract example and what they need for signing it, started to plan the interior. And then the BUT came. In the contract, there is a condition: all the entrances are locked from 20:00 to 06:00 and on the weekends & holidays. Damn businessmen… Don’t they have workaholics, who want to stay for the second shift?!

Anyway, we have to be patient – the right place will find us, it just needs more time. If you are not that patient, help us to find it :) Thanks to Maritza and Matthias, who already linked us to some premises for rent. Any suggestions, even the craziest ideas are welcome!



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