Nomad, legal existence and scammers

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We have even two wonderful news for you. First, our psybient chai bar finally has a name – Nomad! We still don’t have a logo, but we are not in a hurry, branding is overrated anyway.

What comes to your mind, when you hear the word ‘nomad’? A dark complexion, exotic looking human somewhere nowhere? Or a person with no (constant) home, no money, no logical purpose?

We say that nomad is a free human being. We say that nomad is a state of mind. We say that nomad is a lifestyle. Actually, this word was sticking around since May and it stacked for good. Now and then we are looking at these psy party people who turned out to be pure nomads. They don’t roam in a desert, they roam in a city. They are not loners, they love people. They are not shirt-sleeve, they have the most beautiful and craziest style. They don’t need silence, they need music.

Another good news: we do legally exist! We have established a company “Nomad UG (haftungsbeschränkt)”. It’ wasn’t very difficult, just took some time. To establish a so-called mini-GmbH you just need to sign the establishment papers at a notary office and pay the bill of Commercial Register.

The first event for us as a legal entity – we almost became the victims of scammers. If you are going to establish your own company in Germany, be aware: as soon as you pay to Handelsregister and get registered in their database, you will probably get a letter (we got 5!) from a seriously named institution (like Deutsches Handels Register, Allgemeines Datenverzeichnis, Verwaltung für Gewerbe & Handel) with a serious request to pay 400-600 eur bill, otherwise your data will be removed from it’s database and you will have to repeat the whole company registration procedure. You don’t need to pay anything! These institutions are not governmental (if they exist at all – one of them even dared to provide a non-German bank account number for the payment). You can read more about such scams here.

Now we are heading for the next steps of our nomadic idea. A lot of work is waiting for us.

Stay tuned :)


2 thoughts on “Nomad, legal existence and scammers

  1. Woooah congrats!!!!
    Crazy thing, the scams. To think that something like that would happen in the heart of EU and not in some “eastern country” is unsettling.

    Oh look, the new domain is there! :D

    1. Exactly! We were surprised too.
      I informed about it IHK Berlin (who run Handelsregister), they said this problem has been known for many years and they cannot do anything, because in those letters somewhere in a small print it is written, that this is just a business proposal and not a compulsory thing :)
      I still think it should be enough evidence to sue them, i wish some lawyer would care to do it.

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