Chai tent at Goa trance parties

pic from here

We are back from the looooong winter sleep! Thanks Zsolt and Steven for kicking our lazy asses on FB page ;) Cold weather gave us an excuse to slow down our search for bar’s location and keep ourselves busy with visiting relatives, christmas holidays, change of home, new projects at work and other stuff…

During the winter season we regularly attended Berlin’s goa trance parties. As downtempo music fans we were quite often disappointed about the chill zones – some parties had a chill stage which soon turned to psytrance, some had chill areas but without music, some had no place for chilling at all!

This critical situation inspired our new idea – to build something temporary for psybient fans. We could have a chai tent next to the night club where psytrance party takes place, just for as long as party goes on. The tent would travel from one party to another, where is the possibility to place it. We want to become part of the psychedelic movement, so why not (take it literally and) move together with psychedelic parties? ;)

pic from here
pic from here

We wanted to check our idea and contacted some party organizers. They liked it! The main problem (obviously) is the space for a tent next to the club, not every night club has a backyard. Another problem can be intolerant neighbors, who wouldn’t allow us to play music outside. But maybe we can solve it with some sound insulation. Or maybe they’ll like psybient! :)) And the cold might be an issue, the tent needs a heating.

We already bought the tent! It’s a huge tipi, more than 5m height, with 25 sq.m space inside.

It requires 12 wooden poles, 7m each. We decided to save the forests and ordered telescopic aluminum tubes ;) Let’s pray they are strong enough to hold the tent.

So much news for today :) If you have any comments or suggestions about the chai tent, let us know!


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