Let the chai space begin!

pic from http://thegoodwitch.ca/make-your-own-antioxidant-rich-fragrant-chai-tea-blend/
pic from here

It’s been more than five weeks since we purchased a tipi tent.  At the moment it is nicely and safely stored, waiting for it’s debut hour. All this time we’ve been introducing our chai tent idea to the organizers of Berlin’s Goa parties. We got a lot of positive feedback, which was crucial to our motivation. And when we were just about to start up the project, the global warming got in our way: instead of the nice and warm berliner spring we had a combination of snow and rain with minus-zero temperature at night.

When the winter was finally over, we got an offer from CeReBrAl CHaOs to have a chai & chill space at their psychedelic event. There was no place for a tipi around the club, but that didn’t stop us from saying YES to the organizers, we agreed to serve chai inside. We had to use this opportunity to try out our new equipment and get the first experience of serving chai!

Preparation started on the party’s eve: we bought the ingredients, made some sweets and drinks. Yes, everything’s home made! Next day we were baking cakes and breads. So, for the lovers of sweets we had brownies with white chocolate and almonds, chocolate biscuits with hazel nuts and sesame seeds. For the seekers of salty snacks we had pasties with tofu (soya cheese) and mushrooms. For the thirsty ones there was chai tea and kwass.

sweets by Nomad

All the work in the kitchen was finished just two hours before the party’s beginning! Needless to say we were in a hurry and a little bit (okay, a lot) stressed. With minutes ticking we packed the stuff, brought to the car, rushed to the club. Consequence of the rush: when we finally arrived to the party, we realized that the bottles of kwass are still in the fridge, AT HOME! I must admit it’s was my fault, I’m the one in charge serving food and drinks to partygoers. In the end, kwass was on the table just before first people entered a party.

First couple of hours were quite calm. Action in Berlin’s clubs begins only at 3 AM, so we had some time to rest, get in the Goa mood and realize that we are actually doing it – our first chai space! I even stepped aside just to take a look at this small, simple and incredibly cozy space from a distance.

chai table by Nomad

Soon people noticed us and one by one came to taste something from our table or just to talk.  Everybody liked the symbolic 1€ price for goods. When our chai got it’s first compliments, adrenaline kicked in and kept us going through all night.

At 11 AM I had to be at work, so I left the party earlier. Evo closed the chai space around noon. Both tired but excited we agreed that this event was big first step for us.  Of course, next time some things will be done better (e.g. start the preparation earlier :), but all in all, everything went extremely well.

Four days passed and I still remember every face of the person who got chai or snack from our hands…
Cheers to everyone!



4 thoughts on “Let the chai space begin!

  1. Servus evo! so finally you made a start … nice to hear :) i wish you much fun and nice people coming around. i hope i can make it in june/july coming to berlin, would love to see your progress.
    greetings from vienna, all the best my friend.

    1. Hello my friend! Yes, the first step is made :D Thank you for the support and hope to see you in the summer!
      Greetings from the sunny Berlin ;) Evo

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