Tipi’s rehearsal


Something big happened! Four hands built a tipi in the heart of Berlin. It was the first time of building our tent. Our educational recourses were Youtube videos and user’s manual, which came together with the tent. Was it hard? When your idea is getting closer and closer to becoming the truth – nothing is hard ;)
It wasn’t very easy though; we encountered some obstacles and learned some lessons. Here they are, in case you’ll try to replicate our work someday :)


The aluminum poles proved to be strong enough to hold the tent’s cover, yeeey! But since they were standing on the cement floor, they were slipping easily. We bound them together with a rope, but it still didn’t look stable enough, we have to think of some anchors.


It DOES matter, how you cross the poles on the top of the tent’s frame! If they are not evenly arranged, some get too much pressure and bend (luckily, not break). We also had a problem that the rope, holding the crossed poles together, was sliding down and collapsing the whole structure. We wonder if it’s because of the smooth aluminum tubes or it happens with wooden poles too.


The tipi with the cover looked like Shar-Pei and we couldn’t fix it. Only later we realized that it’s because we crossed the poles too low. The peak has to be higher and the frame – steeper. It’s better to cross the poles too high than too low, because later we can shorten the poles – they are telescopic (thanks to Claus Bellmer for the suggestion to use it!).

On May 4th we will finally introduce our tent to you! At the party “Maifeierei” in R19. The tipi will be placed in the courtyard of the club and hopefully will attract every nomadic soul of the event. This chill space will be filled with vibrant notes of ambient music, aroma of chai and snacks, floating visualizations and psychonautic decos.

See you there!


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