Tipi in the City

It happened!!! And it was absolutely perfect. None of my fears – that the tipi would fall down, something would burn, the sound system would be weak, the decorations would look ugly, the night would be cold – came true, i cannot not believe it :D


We learned a lot from our rehearsal, so this time everything was easier. We were well prepared: we had the anchors (umbrella stands), we knew how to cross and arrange the poles.


What we didn’t expect was, that the installation of the interior would take so much time – attaching the inside cover, carpeting the floor, hanging the decorations, lamps and speakers… It was already dark and the first curious party goers poked the heads inside, when we were making the last arrangements :)


We had brownies, chocolate biscuits and vegetable bread rolls to enjoy with the drinks. Last time people were asking for fruits, so we brought some apples and bananas. Our warm and delicious chai table was welcoming the psychonauts.


Some time after midnight first people showed up and since then the tipi was never empty. Somebody was coming from the dancefloor to take a break, had a smoke and was going back, somebody preferred downtempo music and stayed for long. Sometimes the tipi was sooo crowded – several groups of psy freaks were sitting in circles, chatting and chilling. That was probably the happiest moment in my life ;D


Beautiful and friendly people were coming to our tipi. I was so glad to see them enjoying the music and decorations, socializing and meeting new friends. We met many new friends too ;D

People were praising our decorations! Our unusual paintings really looked impressive in the UV light, I must admit our experimental work was quite successful. One guy fell in love with our psychedelic elephant with snakes and desperately wanted to have it :) The elephant was my favorite too, but i couldn’t say NO… We parted with the painting in the morning.


The morning came unnoticed and the sun enlightened the peak of our tipi. Frankly, i was worried, that our decorations and the whole tipi will lose the attractiveness and magic in the daylight.


But it didn’t happen! On the contrary, inside the tipi you could escape from the landscape of the city and feel a little like at some psychedelic festival :)


Finally we could relax too. Actually, the night didn’t feel like a work at all, it was just me worrying all the time that something might happen… :)


The later it was, the longer were people staying in the tent. Only when it got too hot, everybody went outside to enjoy the sun.


When we were packing up our tipi, one girl asked if we’d like to take part in open air festival at the end of May. This proposal was the best evaluation of our efforts! So, maybe next time you’ll see us in the nature ;D



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