Blast from the past

More than a week has past after our first Tipi event in ‘’Maifeierei” and you probably already have read Evo’s impressions about that day-evening-night-morning. The memories are still vivid about something so important for us, for Nomad.

I’ve been looking at the photos I made during this event and some thoughts rushed to my head.


Brownies, biscuits, bread rolls… We had some tasty goodies on our table. But somehow people weren’t so interested in them. Yet I know that people’s stomachs in Goa trance parties are full of love, energy, lightness, but at a chill space is quite different. People should be able to appreciate natural, home made food, let alone a symbolic price of 1 euro…

Anyway. I like to cook for you guys and sooner or later I will find out what you and your taste receptors prefer.


It took us couple of weekends to make these decorations. Neither me nor Evo aren’t decorators. But we both admire psy art, so we decided to try ourselves in this field. From time to time it is very healthy to push the boundaries of your (imaginary) abilities.
Deco looked pretty good hanging up there. People were looking and talking about them. Some paintings looked exotic, some looked scary. Some looked funny. Some looked simply amazing.

Looking forward to make new ones.


Pillows. Pillows everywhere! When the idea to open a chai bar was born, we fantasized, that people would sit on pillows there. It’s just more relaxing, informal way to chill. When we introduced the tent, the pillows idea (as many others) came true!


It seems that people dig it :) Of course, American Indians didn’t have such pillows in their tipis, but we have no intentions to copy-paste the past. Mixing stuff gives nice results.


The picture was made early in the morning. What a peace outside and inside the tipi!…


These guys decided to enjoy the peace outside. Later they came back, I remember everything ;)


Morning hours were grateful to our small food table.


That’s how we looked like in the morning. It was a beautiful and warm sunday, people were enjoying to face the sun.


Yes, in the daylight Tipi looks different, decorations look different, but the relaxing atmosphere remains. You still want to be inside. Simple as it is.


This is Kapal. He was one of the Tipi’s habitants that night. He fitted there perfectly.

Exciting as it was, this event is already in the past. New places, new people, new experiences are waiting for us. We’ re waiting for them.
Do you have a feeling floating in the air, that this summer is going to be awesome?!! It will, you’ll see.



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