Tipi in the city. Unplanned experience


Once again – impromptu things are the wildest! On the Saturday we had the best event with Tipi so far! And here’s a short story to prove my words.

Since the summer started there’s not so much action in the city. Festivals and open airs are on the pedestal. Goa trance scene is not an exception. Most of the Goa trance parties now are being held outside of Berlin under the sky. Some of them are legal, some of them are not, but they are popular for sure. To find indoor Goa trance party is sort of a miracle these days. When in Goabase we found that there will be a party held in a club, we decided to contact the organizers and offer to build a tipi next to the entrance to the club. The answer was short – “ok do it”. And so we did.

The club is a special Berlin’s spot that’s why we were so excited that they gave us a green light to build a tipi.  It’s called Raw Tempel and is located in a former railway maintenance yard. 8.800 m2 area now is being used by artists for cultural purposes and social goals. No surprise that the owner of the club is a very colorful charismatic person. Just like the whole RAW :)

We started to build Tipi in the Saturday’s afternoon. The day was very hot but it didn’t melt Tipi nor our enthusiasm. Although we had some technical problems (it becomes a tradition) everything went well. The staff of the club was very helpful and friendly. It’s very important for us to meet people en route with a “sharing is caring” kind of attitude. It seemed that RAW people care.

This time our Tipi looked smaller than usually because the area next to the club’s entrance was not so spacious. Our Tipi is very flexible :)


It was already midnight when the first people entered Tipi, we were greeting them with a smile. If someone was peeking timidly from the outside, we were inviting them with a friendly handwave.


One person led to another and pretty soon the Tipi was full. They were sitting so close to each other and still there were no free space left. If I were a rock star I would just say “the crowd was fantastic”. Our guests were very curious, mindful, attentive to details, friendly to us and to each other. It was more than nice to see them in our small temporary home creating the vibe of community. Our chai and brownies were the food table’s hit!  They got the best responses and I’m very pleased about that.

We experienced a lot of memorable moments there. I remember a girl name Anka. What a hippy, crazy, cheerful soul! She paints, she makes dream catchers and she dances like a wild one! In the end, I was the one who painted on her face :)


There also was a small girl with beautiful voice. She was sitting peacefully in the Tipi for an hour or so. You could tell that she’s enjoying the moment and stimulating sounds of ambient music. Suddenly she started to sing a Balkan chant! It was so pure and felt so right.

Another moment I remember: when I went back to Tipi from the club, an extraordinary view appeared to me. All people in the Tipi were lying on the floor and on the pillows. I looked at Evo, who was sitting behind the table calmly, and thought “what did you do to them?!” :) I guess they all were having some kind of nomadic dreams ;)


In the morning both me and Evo were quite exhausted from the long day and night, so decided to wrap it up early. People were still chilling in the Tipi, but we had to switch music off.  They thanked us for a wonderful time and left.

We packed in two hours and left the legendary RAW, still a bit shaking from all the joy we experienced that night. Peace and love to Raw Tempel and to the “fantastic crowd”!



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