Remembering the Tree of Life


Tuesday morning was incredibly light and clear. I felt freedom and adventures coming very soon, when i woke up and realized that the extraordinary event is waiting for us. Yes, before the trip we were bothered by some everyday troubles, but they are nothing compared to the huge electricity (positive, pleasurable), sizzling of impatience and happiness like on Christmas morning in the childhood.


The streets of Istanbul were stony, narrow, snaky and loud. They were going up and down, wearing our feet. We were passing by big, sweaty, mustached, black-eyed men and crow-like women, covering their bodies and souls under black vague-shaped clothes.


Tired and overheated, we took a pause in a small café, released our wet shoulders from the backpacks and had some sweet Turkish tea. We were watching an unusual life of the locals.


We felt a bit embarrassed about being there during the protests, as if we were touring here from the secure Western Europe and entertaining ourselves watching the upheaval-plagued nation.


Exhausted by heat we travelled to Izmir, towards Tree of Life. In the beginning of our arrival we felt as aliens who found oneselves in another galaxy, which was so smooth and beautiful. Gradually we were domesticated and the galaxy became home.


After couple of observational walks the territory was more or less familiar. We were here. We felt belonging here, peaceful, real. We remembered this feeling at another festival, Psychedelic Experience. It was like purification, comeback to the true self. I think it happens to all psy people, who gather in the community. You have ground under your feet, sky above your head, and air in your lungs.  That’s all. You are in the harmonic confrontation with nature and people, who are same as you. No imaginary roles, no despicably minor problems, which look incredibly important in your “everyday life”. I believe that this moment exposes a person.


More sensitive ones (like me) remove their armor, without which life in the urban jungle is unthinkable. I was waiting for this moment and knew that i would like this true self. Probably the first time in my life i admitted to myself and others, that was tired of work, of intensive life. I saw, that it was making me unfriendly and harsh. It knew that Tree of Life would clean all accumulated dirt. I remember who I really was and so “clarified” would go back to life. Then it would be easier to deal with work, routine, i would smile more and love more.


In the peak of night we went to dance, we hadn’t done it for a while. Dance is communication. Every movement and gesture says something. Like writing a diary: The Earth is your piece of paper, and music – a pencil.


I rediscovered psybient there, because it never sounded so ethereally beautiful, so suited to the state of mind. Or maybe only now i fell in love with this music and the whole world of Goa?!..


Our life in the Tree of Life community was slow and quiet during the day, vigorous and dreamy at night. Sometimes we were looking for a respite from the action, and we found it. Tree of Life was surrounded by nature of a great beauty, hills, high and low, trees, water. Nothing like i’d seen before.


We climbed up to the mountain, sat on the sun-stained grass and smiled. Just a little, with the corners of the mouth. We were observing Tree of Life’s community from above, imagining Nomad’s Tipi standing there. I have no doubt – it would fit there perfectly!



One thought on “Remembering the Tree of Life

  1. The sharp contrast between Istanbul (Taksim square, tear gas, loud drunk hostel guests…) and the tribal festival with it’s nature & love is really something.

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