Summertime Happiness


The summer is theoretically and astronomically over. Although the sky is still blue, the shine is shinning as bright as it used to. Almost nothing has changed. Almost. Yet, want it or not, we know, we feel, that the summer’s craziness is already behind us, together with some nice memories about the places we’ve been to, the people we’ve met, the experiences we’ve confronted.

We, Nomad, can say: our summer was unbelievably awesome, rich of travels, beautiful places, people, generous of the first times.

July was memorable for going back to our native Lithuania and attending the super cozy, but super powerful Yaga festival. Since the Lithuanian Goa scene is very small and breathes quietly in the underground, it was a good experience to go deep in the forests, together with a couple of thousand likewise thinking minds. Green, tall and wide trees surrounded us for three days, nothing but moss we felt under our feet.


How much love and attention the organizers have put into the whole festival! Attention to the details, to the surroundings, to the welfare of people.


Yaga had an ancient pagan type of atmosphere, which is not very usual to other Goa festivals. Everything felt just right. Nevertheless to say, our Tipi fitted there perfectly. Who would have known that native Americans’ house – Tipi matches Lithuania’s forest.


People, who entered our Tipi and drifted away for shorter or longer time, were just alike as anywhere else – curious, kind, relaxed and… happy.

After this experience coming back to Berlin was a bit difficult. But that’s why we leave our homes: to shake emotions and have a fresh new look to everyday surroundings.

After couple of weeks spent in our beloved Berlin, in the beginning of August we left it again! This time for something much bigger, for a paradise, for a dream-come-true, for the one and only Ozora! Evo has been there once in 2011 and I was an Ozora virgin, dreaming to go there since I faced the Goa world. Three words above the entrance to the festival’s area were absolutely true – ‘’Welcome to paradise!” and so it was.

Pic by Rattengoettin

When we reached the paradise it was already a night, so we didn’t unpack the tipi. We went straight to Ozora city and spent couple of best hours in our lives there until the early morning’s sun greeted us. First impressions about Ozora stay in peoples’ minds forever. My first impression was speechless and I’m not exaggerating. I’m open-minded, the world still fascinates me and so Ozora fascinated me. For plenty of reasons. One of them is that it creates a real society, a community, a city, a world inside of the world. From a shopping street to districts and scenes, everything said: ‘‘Hello, no matter where are you from, welcome home’’.

Since we came to Ozora with a ‘mission’ to unfurl Tipi, we did it next day.


Now, as I’m thinking about it from the present’s perspective, I understand that the universe planned everything a bit differently than we did.

Urge for exploration of the festival was bigger than staying in Tipi, so after couple of hours spent inside we closed it and got ourselves into the Goa world wildness again. The main stage is always massive in Ozora, people were having their best moments there but we are more down-tempo, groovy kind of souls. For this reasons the chill out stage became our ‘district’, our home. It’s the rhythm we relate to, the music we absorb to our alchemic minds turning it to something more than gold.

Mother Nature prepared us a surprise – a storm on Friday night. Obviously, we didn’t even open our Tipi’s door, otherwise it would had inflated like a hot air balloon and taken us somewhere far far way to the Neverland. Tipi survived the strong wind gusts, the storm didn’t stop Ozora’s life and it didn’t stop us from having another blasting night.

We left Ozora on Sunday. Our heads were too small to maintain such an amount of thoughts about what happened in this land.  Long trip back to Berlin was a nice way to put all the memories and experiences in to the shelves and lock them safely.

Ozora finished our season of festivals, we and Tipi were back in the city, the place where our story had stared. That’s why we were more than excited, when our good friend, multi talented Natalia invited us to the party she was organizing, called ‘’Summer of P.L.U.R’’. It was a nice way to end the calendar’s summer. We built the Tipi in the backyard of Wiesenweg 5-9, where we never did it before.


The event was loaded with nice people, good full-on trance, long conversations & more. Just like the summer, which had just ended but left us a note, that the autumn is going to bring us to the next stage – Nomad idea’s roots.

(more information soon ;))


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