Secret disclosed

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image from here

Silence is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it means that big changes are coming in a way. The saying “calm before the storm” totally fits our situation. A storm is just ahead of us.

The wind has changed at the end of the summer, something very important happened, which we’ve been keeping as a sort of secret from you. Well, ok, formally it’s not a secret if it’s titled in our blog and Facebook pages. It says “Nomad: Chai Bar Berlin”. Our name is Nomad, our base is Berlin, and we have some chai :) Still, one very important element is missing in this picture. A bar! We had our Tipi in the parties and festivals, but we were always longing for a permanent location for Nomad.

In August we finally found it! We’ve been working there for the last 4 months and step by step building the place, which will gather the fans of psybient music and new age art.

For Mayans, the end of the world and a new beginning was 2012. For us it’s 2014. Start of a new wave in our ocean. Happy New Year!!!


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