Opening of Chai Bar NOMAD



We are proud to introduce you NOMAD, the first and the only psybient chai bar & art gallery in Berlin! It is a small and cozy place created by hand and heart for the freaks, who enjoy Goa movement, ambient music and visionary art.

At 21:00 our friend Mystic Crock, who’s first album coincidentally is also called “Nomad”, will feed your ears with music stimulating mind, body and soul (don’t be late, you don’t want to miss it!).

Collider Art will present the first exhibition in NOMAD. 14 fantastic visionary artworks of different artists are meant to inspire spiritual and personal transformation.

Time: 19:00
31th of January (Friday), 2014

Location: NOMAD
Mahlower Str. 32
12049 Berlin-Neukölln, Germany

Next to the U8 station “Boddinstrasse”.

Entry fee: a smile :)

Chill Live: Mystic Crock

Deco: Collider Art

See you at the event!


2 thoughts on “Opening of Chai Bar NOMAD

  1. Your “about nomad” section on top of the page still has outdated info: “…we are still looking for the exact location”.

    Wish you a very populous opening night! Wish I could be there :)

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