Trip to the space impromptu


Back in the summer we had one great, unexpected experience: the owner of the legendary Raw Tempel Club wrote us, that we can build our Chill Tipi next to his club, where the Goa party will be held. When? Next day!

It doesn’t sound dramatic, but for us it was, because we always planned Tipi’s events very carefully, with decent preparation and schedule. That’s why we needed a minute or two to decide what to do. We couldn’t resist the spell of RAW, so the tipi was built for this  unbelievably nice party! Old wisdom: it’s good to be open to unexpected opportunities, you might get amazing unexpected experience.

A lot of time passed since last summer. Tipi’s concept developed into the chai bar and now we have a small oasis for all lovers of psybient and visionary art. It seems that the fate decided to test, how well we learned the lesson about saying ‘yes’ to impromptu.

After the opening, we didn’t plan to have other live performances any time soon because of the neighbors, lack of connections with artists and other reasons.

But then we received a message from one very friendly and open-minded person, Iurii from Gagarin Project. He congratulated Nomad with the opening and offered his gig at Nomad! We knew his project thanks to social networks, but had never met him before.


Once again we said ‘yes’ to unexpected experience and were waiting for Gagarin Project impatiently.  The plane from Paris landed very late. Most of the people, who came to the chai bar earlier, lost their patience and left.

A good friend of ours brought Iurii from the airport straight to Nomad. From the plane to the stage! You don’t have to be Mick Jagger to experience that :)

On Iurii’s arrival something magic happened and people started to gather again. It was incredible to see them taking the seats on the pillows as the DJ was preparing for the set.


And then suddenly first notes sounded. Pure enlightenment covered the room and everything became alive. Space’s visualizations behind Iurii’s back strengthened the cosmic sensation.


Two hours passed like two minutes. After the event we learned two things: say ‘yes’ to opportunities and let Nomad become alive with DJ performances.

Thank you, Iurii, and thank you, Fate!

More pictures are here.



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