Cosmic Octave stories

What a blessing is to have Nomad, not only because it was our dream to open a bar for psybient music fans and it came true, but also because of the people who come to Nomad.


We have an honor to meet talented psybient DJs. Some of them have been having gigs for more than 10 years! They all are very passionate about music, seeking an opportunity to spread their own message about life, love, universe, through musical structure or rhythm.

Recent Nomad’s guest was B.Ashra, a musician from Berlin. He’s from the old school of ambient, collecting notes by natural phenomena called The Cosmic Octave. It is a natural law based upon a principle in physics, which is the process of octavation.


As he started his astronomical, mathematical, musical DJ set, all pillows and carpets were covered with beautiful, colorful dressed, smiling people. Our guests are the greatest things we get in Nomad! Each of them brings a story with themselves.  As the evening started, a group of people entered, dressed full-color in Goa style with lovely smiles on their faces.


Their ‘story’ was clothes. Three friends make exclusive clothing using bleaching and printing technique. We talked about collaboration with them. That kind of clothes surely deserve some publicity!

Right after the small talk with young designers, a young woman introduced herself. Her passion is paint and light. She paints on candlesticks, making kaleidoscopically swirling patterns. She brought several artworks as a gift for Nomad! You can come over and look at these psychedelic sources of light on our bar! Warning: you can easily drift away by looking at them! :)

The artist told us that she was also growing the idea to open a chillout cafe in Berlin, but we did it first ;) She was very excited about Nomad, I felt a lot of support from her. We are thinking to make the exhibition of her artworks.

Speaking of ideas coming true, that night we spoke with more guests and heard the same story: at some point of their lives they wanted to open a chillout bar! We were happy to know, that people really need this kind of place to exist. Psy-trance is for partying on weekends and psybient is for everyday. Especially I enjoyed to hear people saying that here they feel like at home. This is what we wanted from the first day of opening Nomad.

After one more wonderful event I got myself thinking about messages that music tells and stories that people bring with themselves. It’s all up there  – in universe waiting to be decoded. Something was definitely decoded that evening.

More pictures of the event are in our Facebook page.


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