Nomad greets acoustic ERMAN & HOGIR!


It’s the first acoustic live concert at Nomad!!! The team of two musicians, Erman and Hogir, will play enchanted melodies with their exotic instruments.

Erman, who comes from Istanbul, has been playing santur since five years. When he met “santur”, rapidly he was amazed by its mystical sound and peaceful ambient tones. He travelled around Europe, playing on the streets and with large variety of musicians. He synthesizes Eastern and Western sounds, creates a melting pot of deep and chilling melodies.

Hogir Göregen is a Kurdish descent percussionist from Turkey who specializes in Middle Eastern percussions. The mystical sounds of Anatolia mixes to his energy and creates great beats. He played in different countries with various musicians and performed concerts.

During their performance you’ll see the videos from South America by Görkem Bereket. He is a video maker who has enormous interest in cultures and ethnographical documentation. He has been traveling around the world and making video archives.


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