Nomad greets DEEJAYRIDOO!


Deejayridoo originated in the psychedelic underground of the Goa days in early-mid 90s: Gérald V Hägele’s unforgettable trance dance experiences at the legendary Psyberpunk gatherings, surrounded and inspired by the splendor of the Swiss Alps, made a huge influence and got him into the neo-shamanic culture. 

Not following any dogma or subculturalstereotype Gérald has always refused to submit himself to any predefined truth. He creates musical journeys for the weirdest of the “weirdos”. Avoiding stressful noisiness and monotonic sounds Deejayridoo brings to the music some playfulness and diversity. 

Deejayridoo’s gig at Nomad is invitation for those who seeks for deep psychedelic experience of Goa spirit and those who enjoy the bliss of ego nullification.

Let’s take a glance to the rabbit hole and see how deep it goes…


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