It is a psychill project by the dutch producer Stefan Oldehinkel. He achieved a unique sound when ambient and dub got together.

The story of Harmonic Frequency began in 2010 with the 5 track EP named ‘Power of the Flower’ which was released as a free download by Psyderweb Records. The past years Harmonic Frequency frequently popped up in line-ups of the Dutch psychill scene. Some highlights of his gigs are the Solstice Gathering in Ruigoord (2011-2013), Mindworks (2012), Equinox Gathering (2011, 2013) and Shanti Planti (Spain, 2014).

Don’t miss the opportunity, his music will touch unexplored corners of your mind and soul!

Time: chai bar opens at 19:00, live at 21:00
Date: Friday, 11 April 2014

Music: Harmonic Frequency (Psyderweb Records, Netherlands)


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