Cosmic Deva, Caos Conzept and Board Games

This week we have many events at Nomad again!

Wednesday (May 07): BOARD GAMES

event_board games_horiz

Every Wednesday at Nomad – board games! Give some training to the neurons in your head ;)
We have: BackgammonReversi, Kalaha (Mancala), Jenga, Mastermind, Domino, Checkers and of course Chess. You can bring your own game as well!

Friday (May 09): Opening of the exhibition by CAOS CONZEPT!


Once someone said: “It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful”. Nomad is very excited to announce you, our dear friends and psy art lovers, the opening of a new exhibition. We proudly present Caos Conzept!

Caos Conzept creates a pictorial representation of our cosmic being. Most of the paintings are composed by fluorescent colors to enjoy the three-dimensional vision. There will be an opportunity to enjoy the paintings in UV-light with 3D glasses to attain the most astonishing effect. Come and witness these unique pieces of art, meet & greet the painter Martin himself. Enjoy the chaos!

Saturday (May 10): Nomad greets COSMIC DEVA!


World known from dub to trance… Cosmic Deva has opened the stage for artists like Don Carlos, Easy Star All Stars, Pato Banton, & Dub Tonic Kru, from street festivals in South Africa, to trance festivals in Germany… After a brief hibernation now emerging on the continent of Europe to bring multi genre vibrations across all nations.

She is also crew and contributor with Spirited Asia – a live act that promotes healing and global awareness through music orchestrated at specific frequencies.

On Saturday night at Nomad she’ll be healing our souls with rhythmic psychill, right before she climbs onto the stage of Ananda’s PLUR Gathering.


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