Mancala, Mystic Crock

Wednesday (May 28): BOARD GAMES


The word Mancala means “to move” in Arabic. That is exactly what you do: you move playing pieces from one bin to another.
This and other BOARD GAMES – tonight and every Wednesday at Nomad!

Saturday (May 31): Nomad greets MYSTIC CROCK!


Back in January, when we found out that his first album is also called “Nomad”, we took it as a sign of destiny and insisted Mystic Crock to play at Nomad’s opening event.

Recently he introduced his second album “Difference” and we are very excited to listen to his new mystical songs together with you at Nomad!

Entry fee: 1 eur.
Time: chai bar opens at 19:00, live at 21:00.

Music: Mystic Crock

Deco: Caos Conzept
Collider Art

Media partner:


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