Gomoku, Nanette Lohmann, Siko


Wednesday (June 4): BOARD GAMES

The original name of GO BANG game is Gomoku, which in Japanese means “five peaces”. The goal is to get five stones in the row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

This and other BOARD GAMES – every Wednesday at Nomad!


Friday (June 6), 21:00: Opening of the exhibition by NANETTE LOHMANN

Summer has begun and we have some sunny news for you, friends! We invite you to the new exhibition of the painter Nanette Lohmann. Inspired by the Van Gogh and Impressionists, Nanette was strongly influenced by the late 60’s and early 70’s psychedelic movement. It shaped her painting style which is recognizable up to these days. Nanette describes her works as non-conceptual. She starts on a blank canvas and develops the story without knowing the result. Come and witness paintings of a moment, meet and greet Nanette herself.

Art: Nanette Lohmann (Germany)


Saturday (June 7), 21:30: VIBRATION OF NATURE

We are all frequencies. When we choose the right frequency, we can experience full synchronization. With awareness of synchronized frequencies, SIKO creates sound-installations in the range from sprinkle little sounds of drum, flute, hang, beautiful voices and shamans up to wide opening, deep breathing baselines and storms of emotions.

Nature manifests through lots of channels. Music is SIKOs choice to express nature, creating harmonic flow of all frequencies. SIKOs musical journey connects all influences he received in musical and spiritual spheres. SIKO believes that music connects souls to the universe, gives wings to the mind, flies the imagination and gives life to everything.

Entry fee: 1 eur.

Music: SIKO

Deco: Nanette Lohmann
Collider Art

Media partner: Psybient.org


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