Skat, BerlinBaba, The Bhaktas, ChillinBerlin, Stebbing3D

Our last week before closing for vacation!


Wednesday (June 25), from 21:00:

Skat is a 3-player trick-taking card game devised in early 19th-century Germany. Along with Doppelkopf it is the most popular card game in Germany and Silesia.

This and other TABLE GAMES – every Wednesday at Nomad!


Thursday (June 26), 19:00:

This will be BerlinBaba’s last Satsang in Berlin as he will be leaving for Brazil.

Satsang (sat = true, sanga = company):
1. The Noble Company of the “Highest Truth.”
2. The Noble Company of someone who has Realized the Absolute Truth.
3. Noble Company with an Assembly of persons who Listen to, Talk about and Assimilate the Truth.

“Manifesting the Intention to Awaken to my True Self, Earnestness and Self Inquiry were my Actions and the Consequence is my Presence.”

~ Enlightened Mystic BerlinBaba*

All Are Welcome and Invited to Satsang to Share and Explore Divine Perfection and Awaken to the Absolute.

Cost: Free

What to bring: if you want bring a pillow (zafu, zabuton) and/or blanket.


Thursday (June 26), 21:30:

In today’s world, devices that are able to read brain waves have become affordable and are constantly gaining popularity. Apart from controlling machinery merely by thought, methods to influence mental states (e.g. boost relaxation, meditation and concentration) are among the most interesting applications.

The event will give a short introduction to the method and application of EEG (electroencephalography). It is followed by a live demonstration, where volunteers, using a consumer brain-computer interface, may playfully experiment with their brain waves, which will be presented both visually and auditory in real time.

#neurofeedback #eeg #bci #interactivevisuals

Entry fee: FREE. If you like the project, please support it with a donation!

Presentation by: Brain State Sharing Crew


Friday (June 27), 21:30:
THE BHAKTAS: electronic mantra LIVE

We will celebrate the release of The Bhaktas’ fifth album “NEW DAWN”. A beautiful electronic mantra, ambient album has been mastered by Aes Dana @ Ultimae Records.

The Bhaktas is an amazing musical project focusing on the place where electronic music and Mantra meet.  Blending traditional indian chants and Bhajans with a contemporary style, they are opening a new way of artful cosmic meditation through the power of electronic music.

Their Sanskrit powered, techno-infused sound is inspired by the yogic teachings of Ananda Marga and their goal is to spread love and devotion all around the world! The Bhaktas means “devoted person” and both musicians PHANENDRA (composing, electronics) & SHAKTI on vocals are living the celebration of a spiritual committed life…

Entry fee: 3 eur

Music: The Bhaktas (Berlin, Goa)

Deco: Nanette Lohmann
Collider Art

Media partner:


Saturday (June 28), 21:30:

Nomad goes on vacation until autumn and before that wants to gather us together, to celebrate the summer and the season of festivals! Special guests of our last night are ChillinBerlin and Stebbing 3D.

ChillinBerlin is the famous DJ team with Pat Flanders and Jus10, known for presenting high quality electronica: from earthshaking dub step basses, over mind tweeting idm glitches, up to dirty but dance floor-moving minimal beats.

Magnificent 3D visual artist Martin Stebbing will join our event, performing live VJ set.

Let’s chill in Berlin, let’s chill in Nomad, last time this summer!

Entry fee: 2 eur

Music: ChillinBerlin

Visuals: Martin Stebbing 

Deco: Nanette Lohmann
Collider Art

Media partner:


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