New beginning

64 days of silence are about to end! Sunny days, warm breeze, enriching travels, exiting festivals have made one of the most memorable summer. Now we are willing and ready to go back home to Nomad! Are you ready for the fresh, new start?
Warmly and impatiently we invite you to celebrate the new beginning with mind-catching art and uplifting music tunes:

Friday (Sep.5), 21:00: opening of the new exhibition by ANASTASIA GUSEVA “Spectral Walk In Geometrical Garden”


The first inspiration for Anastasia, born in Russia, was geometrical lines of Ural Mountains. She was traveling a lot, gathering practical experience of painting by making UV decorations for psy-trance parties. For the last 3 years she has been living and painting in Berlin.

The idea to create a cycle of geometrical mandalas has developed through years and was affected by the art of moving optical illusions. The main statement of the paintings is harmony, displayed using central flower symmetry. Fluorescent and acrylic colors lay out in a very special logic system. These fine pieces of art are dedicated and available to all the humans, who are into any kind of research.

Entry fee: FREE

Artworks: Anastasia Guseva (Russia)

Saturday (Sep.6), 21:00: ambient music by ELECTRONIC TRAFFIC and Phanendra’s birthday!!!


Electronic Traffic started in Goa (India) in winter 2007 by Phanendra and some musician friends improvising and experimenting live on stage creating a big crowds of audience and fans. After the success in Goa Phanendra moved to Ibiza to perform there.
Later back to Goa, the guineas bansuri player Binod (Nepal) joined the band to add a very exotic flavor to the style. Nowadays, Electronic Traffic is performing between Berlin and European festivals in the summer and Goa in the winter with many musicians.

Entry fee: 2 eur

Music: Electronic Traffic (Berlin, Goa)

Media partner:


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