New opening hours, Sound Strider, Shamatha Meditation

Today Nomad starts a new week! We are open on Wednesday through Sunday and will try to deliver you an interesting event every day:

on Wednesdays, 21:00 – talk and demonstration,
on Thursdays, 21:00 – documentary film,
on Fridays, 21:00 – acoustic live concert,
on Saturdays, 21:00 – chill with a DJ,
on Sundays, 20:00 – guided meditation.

But first, lets talk about our opening hours: we are open from sunset till midnight, on weekends – till party goes on. For example, today (Sep.10ᵗʰ) we are open from 19:34. If your phone doesn’t tell you the sunset time, you can check it here or just look at outside: if it’s dark – time to visit Nomad ;)

This week we have these events:

Sep.13ᵗʰ, 21:00 – Saturday Chill with SOUND STRIDER


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A project born in late 2013 Sound Strider is the culmination of Sam Waks’ decade long journey across the electronic seas. DJing and producing since the early 2000’s he was nurtured and raised in the Australian doof scene. He moved to France in 2008 converting a 19th century agricultural ruin into the studio where he now lives and works..

Drawing on a vast range of influences and with two well received EPs under his belt Sound Strider performs a hypnotic blend of psychedelic electronica. His downtempo sets merge deep dubby vibes with ethereal melodies and mangled machines, tribal polyrhythms spiced with sampled snippets of wisdom. The goal is always to take the listener on a journey, to facilitate disconnect from the solitary ego mind and open up a space for collective exploration.
Psychedelic Ethno Trigga Funk for the Information Generation.

Sep.14ᵗʰ, 20:00 – Sunday Shamatha MEDITATION: Training the Mind


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Most of us would like to discover some basic truth about our life. But are we really capable of knowing what’s going on? This is a question that relates to the most profound truth of the Buddhist teachings. The Buddha’s answer is, “Yes, ultimately we are. But we need to go on a journey of meditation to find out, because essentially we are in a state of bewilderment.” Why are we bewildered? Because we don’t understand how our mind works.

The process of undoing bewilderment is based on cultivating the ability to become familiar with, stabilize, and strengthen our mind. Being aware and observant of what’s happening in our mind gives us an opportunity to see a more profound level of truth all the time. In the practice of meditation, we learn to zoom back and get a bigger perspective, rather than always thinking so small.

Marlene Eltschig will guide us through Shamatha Meditation this Sunday. Marlene has a background of 20 years experience with buddhist meditation practice and philosophy as well as some years experience with explaining meditation practice.

Marlene leads a meditation course at Bodhicharya Buddhist Center and regularly gives the sojong vows for fasting on each full moon. She is a graphic designer and artist, living with her family in Berlin.

Entry: FREE.


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