Naftali, SIKO, Meditation

Sep.19ᵗʰ, 21:00 – Meditative Soundscape with Hang by NAFTALI


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Drawing on many currents in world music as well as his own native tradition of sacred song, Naftali employs various instruments (Hang, Violin, Percussion, Sruti, Voice) to create soulful soundscapes, at once meditative and playful, mournful and evocative, in which the untold is allowed, momentarily, to become audible.

Naftali currently lives in Berlin, where he practices Hypnotherapy, performs music and organizes events, both musical and meditational.

Entry fee: 5 eur

Music: Naftali (Columbia)
Bandcamp. Facebook.

Sep.20ᵗʰ, 21:00 – Saturday Chill with SIKO


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With awareness of synchronized frequencies, SIKO creates sound-installations in the range from sprinkle little sounds of drum, flute, hang, beautiful voices and shamans up to wide opening, deep breathing baselines and storms of emotions.

Nature manifests through lots of channels. Music is SIKOs choice to express nature, creating harmonic flow of all frequencies. SIKOs musical journey connects all influences he received in musical and spiritual spheres. SIKO believes that music connects souls to the universe, gives wings to the mind, flies the imagination and gives life to everything.

Entry fee: 2 eur

Music: SIKO (Germany)
Official website. Soundcloud. Facebook.

Artworks: Anastasia Guseva (Russia)
Deviantart. Facebook.

Media partner:
Official website. Facebook.

Sep.21ᵗʰ, 21:00 – Sunday MEDITATION: Training the Mind


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Marlene and Seseg will guide us through Shamatha Meditation this Sunday.

Marlene Eltschig has a background of 20 years experience with buddhist meditation practice and philosophy. Marlene leads a meditation course at Bodhicharya Buddhist Center and regularly gives the sojong vows for fasting on each full moon. She is a graphic designer and artist, living with her family in Berlin.

Seseg Zhigzhitova is a group coordinator and practice leader of of the Tergar Practice group Berlin, which is a part of International Tergar meditation community, guided by Mingyur Rinpoche. Seseg lives in Berlin, working as an architect.

Entry: FREE

Bodhicharya Buddhist Center.
Tregar Community.

Article by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


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