Hypnosis, Tagtraum, Cosmic Deva

Oct. 01 (Wednesday), 21:00 – Talk & Demo: HYPNOSIS for Spiritual Guidance and Manifestation


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Do you need a swinging watch to hypnotize someone? Can anyone be hypnotized? Will i be asleep or unconscious when hypnotized? Will i lose control of myself? Can I get stuck or trapped in the hypnotic state? Will i remember what happened? Hollywood movies made a lot of myths about hypnosis and trance, which will be busted at this talk & demo event.

Talk by: Silvio Krons

Entry fee: feel FREE to donate.

Since ages shamans, healers and meditation teachers use the mind state of trance for connection to the subconscious and the higher spirits. In hypnosis it is possible to reach this state in a focused and very effective matter. In that way hypnosis is a powerful tool to guide yourself, answer questions about your personal way, based on your past, presence and the consciousness field around you.

The law of attraction says; if you want to manifest something you need to send it’s vibration. The vibration of the feeling you will experience when it’s actually manifesting. But how to hold this feeling and it’s vibration over a long time and trust the manifestation?

Through hypnosis it is possible to experience the manifestation with all senses and anchor this in the subconscious mind to send the vibration as strong as possible.

In this talk Silvio Krons will explain the technique, how it works and what is possible with that method.

Silvio Krons is working as a Hypnosis-Coach in Berlin in own practice and works with groups in trance states with hypnosis and music.

Oct. 3 (Friday), 21:00 – TAGTRAUM: Live Sound Journey Performance


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Be guided through a journey of mind, via different instruments (water drum, didgeridoo, singing bowls, …) and mystic voices (overtones, throat-singing, intuitive languages).

Let the sound create a space where you can find freedom.

Music: Tagtraum (Germany)

Entry fee: you desire what you want to give.

Oct. 4, 21:00 – Saturday Chill with COSMIC DEVA


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Cosmic Deva has opened the stage for artists like Don Carlos, Easy Star All Stars, Pato Banton, & Dub Tonic Kru, from street festivals in South Africa, to trance festivals in Germany… After a brief hibernation now emerging on the continent of Europe to bring multi genre vibrations across all nations.

She is also crew and contributor with Spirited Asia – a live act that promotes healing and global awareness through music orchestrated at specific frequencies.

Music: Cosmic Deva (Spirited Records, USA)

Entry fee: 2 eur

Artworks: Anastasia Guseva (Russia)
Deviantart. Facebook.

Media partner: Psybient.org
Official website. Facebook.


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