Naftali & Raminta, Lilith Milkyway, Meditation

Oct. 30 (Thursday), 20:00-22:00 – Acoustic Live: NAFTALI & RAMINTA


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Music: Naftali & Raminta
Bandcamp. Facebook Naftali. Facebook Raminta.

Entry fee: 5 eur.

Drawing on many currents in world music as well as their own traditions of native song, Naftali and Raminta employ various instruments (Hang, Xaphon, Violin, Lithuanian Flute, Sruti, Ocarina, Jaw-Harp, Guitar, Voice etc.) to create soulful soundscapes, at once meditative and playful, mournful and evocative, in which the untold is allowed, momentarily, to become audible.

Oct. 31 (Friday), 20:00-23:00 – Opening of the Exhibition: LILITH MILKYWAY – Lilith and the Ants


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Artworks by: Lilith Milkyway (blacklight art)
Saatchiart. Facebook.

Entry: FREE.

The last day of October is going to be greeted with a wide spectrum of colors, a pinch of surrealism! We invite you to celebrate and appreciate the art of Lilith Milkyway.

Born as Carmen Schroll, Lilith has been expressing herself through visual and contemporary art for more than 20 years. Inspired by photography, postproduction, abstract automatic painting, she found her very unique way of fluorescent painting and expanded it through years. In her working process Lilith uses canvas and paper, acrylic colors, mixed media, fluorescent colors, prints and much more.

Meet Lilith Milkyway in person on October 31th! Nowhere else but at Nomad.

Nov. 2, 19:00-21:00 – Sunday MEDITATION: Training the Mind


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Monk Tenzin Peljor will guide us through Shamatha Meditation this Sunday.

Entry: FREE.

Tenzin Peljor is a Tibetan Buddhist monk of German origin fully ordained by the Dalai Lama in 2006. He is resident monk at Bodhicharya Berlin buddhist centre and currently studying at Istituto Lama Tsong Khapa of the FPMT in Italy. He is skilled in explaining the complexities of Buddhist practice to a questioning western audience.

Mediation guide: Tenzin Peljor
Tenzin’s website. Tenzin’s Facebook. Bodhicharya website. Bodhicharya Facebook.

Article by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche:


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