Taksha Art, JANAWADI, Sound Strider, Meditation

Opening of the New Exhibition: TAKSHA ART
Jan. 7 (Wednesday), 20:00-00:00


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PAINTINGS by: Taksha Art (blacklight art)
Website. Facebook.

Entry: FREE.

New year – new beginning, white fresh page of our each books! Let’s make it colorful, vivid and vibrant. Nomad opens new chapter of it’s life by representing highly unique Taksha art. Taksha started to sketch and draw since he began to think. Later on he studied Media design at Media Design University (MD.H) in Berlin. Taksha incarnates his very own idea of life and world by Graffiti, Street art, Wall painting, Decorations, Architecture, Airbrush artworks and Media design.

Taksha and Nomad warmly invite you to come and get carried away in patterns, colors and most importantly – in imagination.

Acoustic Live: JANAWADI – Oriental Sounds
Jan. 9 (Friday), 20:00-22:00


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LIVE by:
Jawad Salkhordeh (IRA) / Percussion
Adi Levy (ISR) / Percussion
Jan Sameh Regelin (EGY) / Flute

ENTRY fee: 5 eur.

JANAWADI brings you spicily improvised oriental sounds, fresh from the Tabun. A blend of Arabica with a fragrance of Persia stirring slowly in our souls, then erupting with passion and crumbling back to ashes.

Saturday Chill with SOUND STRIDER
Jan. 10 (Saturday), 21:00-00:00


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DJ SET by: Sound Strider (psychedelic downtempo).
Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Facebook

ENTRY fee: 2 eur.

Sound Strider returns to Nomad to play another magnificent mix of hypnotic electronica music.

A project born in late 2013 Sound Strider is the culmination of Sam Waks’ decade long journey across the electronic seas. DJing and producing since the early 2000’s he was nurtured and raised in the Australian doof scene. He moved to France in 2008  converting a 19th century agricultural ruin into the studio where he now lives and works..

Drawing on a vast range of influences and with two well received EPs under his belt Sound Strider performs a hypnotic blend of psychedelic electronica. His downtempo sets merge deep dubby vibes with ethereal melodies and mangled machines, tribal polyrhythms spiced with sampled snippets of wisdom. The goal is always to take the listener on a journey, to facilitate disconnect from the solitary ego mind and open up a space for collective exploration.

Shamatha MEDITATION: Training the Mind
Jan. 11 (Sunday), 19:00-21:00


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For practitioners – from 19:00: we’ll do 25 min meditation.
For beginners – from 19:30: we’ll explain the basics, do 10 min meditation and answer the questions.
Later: Arne will talk on the topic “Kindly Bend To Ease Us” and we’ll conclude with another 20 min meditation.

Arne Schelling
Seseg Zhigzhitova
Tergar Meditation Community

ENTRY fee: donation to Tergar Meditation Community.

If we want to go on any kind of journey—not just a spiritual one but also a secular one, such as studying or doing business—we need a mind that is workable. We need a mind that we can rely on. That’s the notion of training the mind, of making the mind workable so it can do whatever it needs to do.

Shamatha, or mindfulness, meditation is how we make this mind more stable, more useful. From this point of view, shamatha is not purely a Buddhist practice; it’s a practice that anyone can do. It doesn’t tie in with a particular spiritual tradition. If we want to undo bewilderment, we’re going to have to be responsible for learning what our own mind is and how it works, no matter what beliefs we hold.

Arne Schelling has been practicing meditation since he is 15. He works as doctor in Berlin and translates buddhists teachers. He is a student of the great lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche,

Seseg Zhigzhitova is a group coordinator and practice leader of of the Tergar Practice group Berlin, which is a part of International Tergar Meditation Community, guided by Mingyur Rinpoche. Seseg lives in Berlin, working as an architect.


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