Polyphasic Sleep, Raviv, Shamatha Meditation

Talk: POLYPHASIC SLEEP – 2 Hours Sleep a Day
Jan. 14 (Wednesday), 20:00-22:00


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TALK by: Alice Grinda.

ENTRY fee: donation to the speaker.

What is polyphasic sleep? It is sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period – usually more than two, in contrast to biphasic sleep (twice per day) or monophasic sleep (once per day). To sleep polyphasic is natural, all new born babies sleep several times a day, but adults sleep only once a day because it is a standard in our society.

In some countries it is normal to do a siesta (biphasic sleep), people doing it need less sleep at night, after the siesta they have a better concentration and are more refreshed than the ones who don’t do the siesta nap. More and more people get conscious about these advantages and it is getting a bigger trend to do a nap instead of taking more caffeine.

If you take several naps throughout the day, you are more productive and have a better concentration. Instead of recharging your energy only once a day in a long process, your body learns to recover even better and faster in shorter time. There is not much scientific research about it yet, and there are not so many examples of people yet, who live with such sleeping habits. That’s why I can only talk about my own personal experiences and what I heard or read from others.

The motivation is obvious: more time. When you do the Uberman sleep schedule, you have 6 hours more a day, 42 hours a week or 7,5 days in a month. You have 3 months more in a year. So much useful time! If you don’t have enough time, and would like to have more hours a day, you understand me.

Saturday Chill with RAVIV
Jan. 17 (Saturday), 21:00-00:00


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DJ SET by: Raviv (psybient).
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Entry fee: 2 eur

Raviv returns to Nomad to play another spectacular mix of psychedelic ambient music.

Also known as Wicked Brain, first he discovered Berlin’s trance scene, then had his journey trough world’s dance floors, eventually started to play chillout. We love Raviv’s sets and hope you’ll love him as well!

Media partner: Psybient.org
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Shamatha MEDITATION: Training the Mind
Jan. 18 (Sunday), 19:00-21:00


For practitioners – from 19:00: we’ll do 25 min meditation.
For beginners – from 19:30: we’ll explain the basics, do 10 min meditation and answer the questions.
Later: Arne and Seseg will talk, why do we need to meditate according to Buddhist philosophy.
Finally: we’ll conclude with another 10-20 min meditation.

Arne Schelling
Seseg Zhigzhitova
Tergar Meditation Community

ENTRY fee: donation to Tergar Meditation Community.

If we want to go on any kind of journey—not just a spiritual one but also a secular one, such as studying or doing business—we need a mind that is workable. We need a mind that we can rely on. That’s the notion of training the mind, of making the mind workable so it can do whatever it needs to do.

Shamatha, or mindfulness, meditation is how we make this mind more stable, more useful. From this point of view, shamatha is not purely a Buddhist practice; it’s a practice that anyone can do. It doesn’t tie in with a particular spiritual tradition. If we want to undo bewilderment, we’re going to have to be responsible for learning what our own mind is and how it works, no matter what beliefs we hold.

Arne Schelling has been practicing meditation since he is 15. He works as doctor in Berlin and translates buddhists teachers. He is a student of the great lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche,

Seseg Zhigzhitova is a group coordinator and practice leader of of the Tergar Practice group Berlin, which is a part of International Tergar Meditation Community, guided by Mingyur Rinpoche. Seseg lives in Berlin, working as an architect.


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