Kick Bong, Awakened Chakras, Ablution, Meditation Workshop


Cosmicleaf Rec. proudly presents: KICK BONG
Feb. 28 (Saturday), 20:00-00:00


20:00-22:00 Mystic Crock (DJ set). Mixcloud.
22:00-00:00 KICK BONG (live) [ Cosmicleaf Records ]
Youtube 1. Youtube 2. Youtube 3. Youtube 4.

Tickets limited to 45!
PRESALE – 6 eur,
at the entrance – 9 eur (if any tickets left).
Read below in the ‘presale tickets info’.

We are happy announce the beginning the collaboration of Nomad’s and Cosmicleaf Records, which we will celebrate with Franck Jousselin aka KICK BONG! Mystic Crock will warm up the event with a beautiful ambient mix.


Franck Jousselin is musician performer and composer born in Paris. In 1995 he discovered electronic music, in 2001 his tracks started to appear in compilations of various labels: Spirit Zone, Candyflip, Peak, Hoots, Chillcode, Cosmicleaf, Ultra Vista, Hadra, Ajana, Sonic Motion Blue Hour Sound.Confluent Association commissioned the soundtrack for a documentary about street art entitled Démarches de rues.

In 2009 he composed the music for websites Dior and Eden Park. From 2005 he had lives and DJ sets in many clubs and festivals in Europe: Inspiral Lounge (London), Glade festival and Waveform (UK), Boom Festival (Portugal), Sinergia (Portugal), Diabolus In Musica (Portugal), Kin And The 4 Elements (Portugal), Existence And Omni Festival (Spain), Aurora (Greece), Arcadia (France), Hadra (France), Ambiosonic (France), Club Nordstar (Switzerland).

Social Media:
Official websiteFacebookSoundcloud.

Support via:
Bandcamp. Spotify. iTunes.  


– Buy the ticket at Nomad or write a short email to
– At the entrance show your Personal ID.
– You can transfer the ticket to another person, but cannot return it.

Wednesday Talk: Awakened CHAKRAS
Jan. 21 (Wednesday), 20:00-22:00


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TALK by:
Vischuk Koch and Paul Marian J.

ENTRY fee: donation to the speaker.

Chakras function on three levels: functional, balanced or awakened. In this talk we will shed light on their awakened state – what is the greatest potential of each chakra? How far can it lead us in our illumination? How does a person whose heart chakra has fully blossomed look and express? How does a person whose crown chakra has fully awakened to the cosmos energy feel and respond?

Vischuk Koch is a practitioner of Ananda Marga – socio spiritual organisation and movement founded 1955 in India. Ananda Marga teaching is closely related to Chakras system and studies of Ayurveda. Vischuk will talk about energy flow between different chakras, their potential in everyday life and teach us self awareness exercise to feel our own chakras.

Paul Marian J is a meditation practitioner for 7 years and a self-taught devotee of chakras. He will share his own experience of discovering chakras and working on them.

ablution – Psychedelic Journey
Jan. 24 (Saturday), 21:00-00:00


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DJ SET by: ablution (psychedelic downtempo)
Bandcamp. Soundcloud.

ENTRY fee: 3 eur.

Ablution wants to take you for a journey through his favorite psychedelic soundscapes.
You will be taken through a multitude of genres including lots of original ablution material.

From old Norwegian folk and religious music through to the technoid sounds of today – the psychedelic mindset has left its mark.

MEDITATION Workshop: Buddhist Path to Happiness (2 of 3)
Jan. 25 (Sunday), 19:00-21:00


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Arne Schelling
Seseg Zhigzhitova
Website. Facebook.

ENTRY fee: donation to Tergar Meditation Community.

In these three workshops we will understand, how meditation and other Buddhist practices can lead us to joy, peace and less suffering.

19:00-19:30 for practitioners: 25 min mindfulness meditation.
19:30-19:50 for beginners: we’ll explain the basics of meditation, do 10 min meditation and answer the questions.
20:00-20:30 introduction to the workshop’s topic.
20:30-20:50 meditation on the workshop’s topic.

Workshop 1 (18.01.2014): Three Yanas – 3 approaches in Buddhist path
Workshop 2 (25.01.2014): Four Reminders – 4 motivations to apply Buddhist teachings
Workshop 3 (01.02.2014): Six Paramitas – 6 practices crossing the sea of suffering to the shore of happiness

WORKSHOP 2: FOUR REMINDERS – 4 motivations to apply Buddhist teachings—

We will contemplate on four thoughts that turn our minds to Dharma (teachings of the Buddha):
– preciousness of human life
– impermanence (constant change) and death
– cause and effect (karma)
– the essence of samsara (vicious circle of dualistic mind).



Arne Schelling has been practicing meditation since he is 15. He works as doctor in Berlin and translates buddhists teachers. He is a student of the great lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

Seseg Zhigzhitova is a group coordinator and practice leader of of the Tergar Practice group Berlin, which is a part of International Tergar Meditation Community, guided by Mingyur Rinpoche. Seseg lives in Berlin, working as an architect.


2 thoughts on “Kick Bong, Awakened Chakras, Ablution, Meditation Workshop

  1. Hey, Congrats on getting kick bong! His name rings a bell. Bet you wouldn’t have imagined that artists of his caliber would be playing at your bar someday! ;-)

    1. hey hey, thanks!!
      yes, we are very excited to have Kick Bong. soon we’ll also announce Zero Cult and Side Liner.
      maybe someday Carbon Based Lifeforms, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Androcell and Shpongle?..
      since the inception of the idea we’ve been dreaming about it :)

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