Non-Ego, Alchemy, Spiral Hand, Easter

Did you know, that NOMAD is open not only during the events?
You can enjoy relaxing music, harmonic drinks and interesting people on Wednesday to Sunday,
from 19:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till a party goes on.

Talk: NON-EGO Concept
Apr. 01 (Wednesday), 19:00-21:00


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Talk by: Vischuk Koch

ENTRY fee: donation.

Non-ego concept is an idea about the deeper meaning of life, inspired by psychedelic experiences and collected theories about the different psychological processes we go through growing up. A concept explains the meaning of life without identifying yourself with ego, but contemplating your higher self, your soul through perspective of reincarnation. Ego is only an instrument which you can learn how to play with.

Vischuk Koch will introduce you to non ego idea which developed through years growing up outside common society, traveling through Europa, living in Portugal and going back to metropolitan city Berlin. He will compare two contrasting ways of living in a society and explain why it is important create your own way of living and thinking instead of blindly obeying rules given by public.

DEMO: Secrets of Psycho-Spiritual ALCHEMY
Apr. 02 (Thursday), 19:00-21:00


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Demonstration by: Joanne Richardson

ENTRY fee: donation.

Alchemy, in the esoteric-magical traditions and in Jungian psychology, is an art of transmutation – of creating substantial changes that break the conditioned patterns of the psyche, unblock the energy flows of the body, and transform the nature of desire, so that it flows out of fullness rather than lack. The aim is achieving sovereignty, which is not just an inner work, but affects external relations with the world. Thus the alchemy of the self is also a politics of nonhierarchical power and empathic cooperation – anarchism in the true sense of the world.

As a continuation of her last talk “Alchemy and the Art of Deconditioning”, this evening Joanne Richardson will demonstrate concrete techniques of deconditioning & alchemical transmutation that you can learn to practice on your own. There’ll be a show and tell of:

– the principles of bioenergetics and anarchist somatherapy;
– body-postures that can be used to create right-left brain resonance and enter into trance states;
– deconditioning exercises that discharge negative emotions and unblock stuck energy;
– how to do shadow-work to uncover primary selves (those that form the ego) and disowned selves (which are usually unconscious).

Joanne Richardson is a philosopher, artist, activist, and the author of
several books and films. Her current writing is at WordPress 1, WordPress 2.

DJ SPIRAL HAND: Improvisations with Ambient, Dub Techno and Deep Trance
Apr. 04 (Saturday), 21:00-00:00


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DJ mix by: Spiral Hand (Tribe of Surya / Intensive) CH
Soundcloud. Facebook.

ENTRY fee: 3 eur.


Spiral Hand is a DJ that like to express different soundscapes, for his stop at our place he will explore various horizons like ambient, downtempo, dub techno and deep trance.
As he says : Life has many facet, so let’s play the show of life !


2014 eröffnete ihn neue Möglichkeiten, Spiral Hand wurde durch den Verein Biolive beauftragt, die Programmierung für den zweiten Floor beim grossen Silvester-Event TimeGate zu organisieren.
Eine CD-Compilation mit den teilnehmenden Künstlern ist in Vorbereitung für Anfang 2015.

Seine bewusst vielfältige Klangwelt schwingt zwischen ambient, dub, techno, progressive-house, progressive-trance, psygressive und noch vieles mehr. Er legt grossen Wert auf Improvisation, da er seine Sets nicht vorbereitet, arbeitet aber spontan.

EASTER SUNDAY: Nomad is Closed
Apr. 05 (Sunday)


Wise people say that during Easter all rabbits should stay at home with their eggs ;)
We don’t dear to question it and keep NOMAD closed.
Happy Holidays!

Exhibition presented by COLLIDER ART
Mar. 04 – May 03


PAINTINGS presented by: Collider Art
(contemporary psychedelic and visionary art gallery and shop)
Website. Facebook.

Artworks by:
Luke Brown
Luminokaya Lab
Hakan Hisim
Mark Lee
Robert Steven Connett

Media Partner: PSYBIENT.ORG


Official website. Facebook.


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