Shiatsu, Electronic Awakening, Sitar & Darbuka, Seraphim, Meditation

Enjoy relaxing music, harmonic drinks and interesting people not just at the events!
NOMAD is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 19:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till a party goes on.

Talk & Demo: SHIN TAI SHIATSU – Spine Rebalancing & Tissue Unwinding
Apr. 15 (Wednesday), 19:00-21:00


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Talk by: Daniel Hamburg

ENTRY fee: donation.

Daniel will present and demonstrate a healing touch therapy developed by Saul Goodman (USA), which expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create an evolutionary system of diagnosis and technique that stimulates the flow of life force in the body. A unique synthesis of structural, fascia, meridian, and chakra technique, this therapeutic bodywork clears stress from the body and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.

This alternative physiotherapeutic technique assists with stress reduction, pain relief, relaxation of muscles, organs and joints, harmonizing effects of fractures, pullings & squashings, long-termed balance of the spine and surrounding tissue.

ELECTRONIC AWAKENING: Screening & Live Interview with the Director
Apr. 16 (Thursday), 19:00-21:30


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Documentary film: ELECTRONIC AWAKENING (2011)
Writer and Director: ANDREW JOHNER

After the screening we’ll have an opportunity to ask few questions to the film’s director Andrew Johner via internet video meeting!!!

Interview with the director guided by:

Electronic Awakening is an ethnographic documentary film that investigates the spirituality and mysticism of Electronic Dance Music culture. Here director Andrew Johner lifts the veil on an underground spiritual movement that has developed within electronic music cultures worldwide. The film investigates this culture’s significance to the origin of religion, and offers insight into future of man’s spirituality. Music soundtrack by Shpongle, The Crystal Method, Phutureprimitive, Vibrasphere, Govinda, Random Rab, and many more.

ENTRY fee: donation.


Acoustic Live: Expressive Blend of SITAR, DARBUKA and VOICE
Apr. 17 (Friday), 19:00-21:00


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LIVE by:
Max Lowry (sitar, voice)
Johannes Oster (darbuka, frame drum)

ENTRY fee: 5 eur.

This evening will present an original and expressive blend of percussion, voice and sitar, taking listeners on a meditative journey. Performed by Max Lowry (sitar) and Johannes Oster (percussion).

DJ Mix: Expanding Boundaries with SERAPHIM
Apr. 18 (Saturday), 21:00-00:00


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DJ mix by: SERAPHIM (Brasil)

ENTRY fee: 3 eur.

Conceived on the misty waters of the Amazon river, and born at a VIP room of an abandoned dusty disco, Seraphim had since an early age an inclination to the life changing aspects that music and organized sound can provoke on a human soul. Xamanism, musique concrète, conceptual art, extremism, aroma therapy, tantrism, culinary, hedonism … are all elements that contribute and influence his sound.

The DJ set will take us on a journey around sonic universes, traveling through many styles and musical influences. From exotica to experimental jazz, from cheesy eighties disco to unexpected mash ups, from jumpy Klezmer to Burlesquesque old-timers… Each upcoming track is a surprise, and will expand the boundaries of the listener ears, bringing sometimes joy and luxury, sometimes drama and fear.

MEDITATION: Training the Mind
Apr. 19 (Sunday), 19:00-21:00


GUIDED by: Vischuk Koch.

ENTRY fee: donation.

We will learn to practice Ananda Marga meditation.
More information is coming soon!


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