New opening hours, Subliquida, Isha System, Tantra & Meditation

Summer opening hours at NOMAD – from 21:00!

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SUBLIQUIDA PROJECT: Opening of the New Exhibition
May 6 (Wednesday), 19:00-00:00


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Artworks by: SUBLIQUIDA PROJECT (visionary art)
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Entry: FREE.

“Subliquida Project” was born in 2007: a totally personal concept, which involved the design and fabrication of complex three-dimensional spaceships and biomechanical structures. It introduced and involved the audience in its psychedelic journey with a completely futuristic style, but still managed to be very faithful to organic structures found in nature.

Since the autumn season of 2011 “Subliquida Project” has been actively participating in the psychedelic scene by decorating parties with his art. His work is not only stimulated by the psychedelic experience, but by the greatest artist of all times: Mother Nature! The continuous research in this specific direction makes him a dynamic artist in everlasting evolution. Through his drawings he can bring out the link between scientific knowledge and expanding consciousness.

Miniworkshop: ISHA SYSTEM For Expansion of Consciousness and Personal Growth
May 7 (Thursday), 21:00-23:00


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TALK by: Victoria Abdelnur

ENTRY fee: donation.

The Isha System is a method with 7 simple tools for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness / awareness. It does not have a belief system or theories, it is easy for anyone to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and its daily use naturally and effectively improves our physical, emotional and mental health.

One of the tools is a practice very similar to meditation, that ANYONE can practice, with eyes closed, to nurture the observer, and with eyes open, to remain centered, in the present moment, during the whole day.

Isha System helps to:
— improve stress-related symptoms or illnesses that are worsened by stress like gastritis, insomnia, panic attacks, certain skin rashes, burnout.
— interrupt the constant flow of thoughts and nurture your observer.
— remain centered, in the present moment, during your daily activities
— create a satisfying work/life balance
— love yourself more
— enjoy more each moment, like a kid, instead of double-guessing yourself all the time
— boost your immune system (due to diminished basal sympathetic activity) or accelerate physical recovery
— heal or improve past emotional trauma
— help free yourself from an addiction
— develop empathy and intuition
— have more clarity
— cultivate loving and empowering relationships
— increase confidence and passion for life.

Victoria Abdelnur is a medical doctor and certified Isha System © Facilitator. Addressing the huge knowledge gaps of the mainstream medicine education, she spent her free time on learning about alternative ways of healing. Studying and experimenting lead her to different techniques, like Osho-dynamic and Zen meditations, Merkabah, Reiki, Dance-therapy, Massage, Shiatsu, Hypnosis, NLP, Tantra and Ayahuasca retreats, until she discovered the Isha System.

MEDITATION & Talk: TANTRA – Free Your Heart
May 10 (Sunday), 21:00-23:00


By NADAV OR (tantra yogi)
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ENTRY fee: energy exchange.

Nadav Or will guide us through meditation and will talk about Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships as the continuation of his last presentation at Nomad.

“When we understand our sexual conditions and how much our sexuality was condemned and suppressed since our infant, we can be compassionate and patient with ourselves and our partners, as we connect again to the source of our most powerful, beautiful and creative life energy.

We can use this energy for having much more pleasure in our sex life, Healing, manifesting abundance, and for God Realization. We can go deeper and deeper, by releasing shame, guilt and fear from our own true nature, allowing ourselves to be who we really are – powerful, sexual, loving and divine human beings.”


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