Intuition, Papia & Baishnav Tantra, Two Truths

NOMAD is open on Wednesday to Sunday,
from 21:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till the party goes on.
Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

Talk: From FEAR to FREEDOM – How to Connect to Your INTUITION
May 13 (Wednesday), 21:00


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TALK by: Karin van Hal

ENTRY fee: donation.

Karin van Hal will share with us her personal story about how she got out of a depression, and how she deals with her fears and anxieties. How she overcame many of her addictions and bad habits and connected to her true inner power.
Now she lives a life 100% guided by her intuition and she will share some incredible stories with you.

“It was in the end of 2009, when on the outside everything seemed fine, but inside I was dying. I spend most of the time in bed crying, sleeping and smoking cigarettes. Or I would escape in partying, getting drunk and looking for men. After I got fired from a job and my relationship ended, I was convinced nobody loved me, I believed that I was not worth anything. I thought my life was over, I failed. If this is life; I prefer to be dead.

But somewhere there was this little soft voice saying: “There must be a way out, this can’t be life”’. One day, I decided that it’s enough! I don’t care any longer what my family, my friends and society expect from me, I am going my own way and the only thing I want to achieve is ‘Happiness’.

Ever since that day, I’m on my journey to find happiness. It started with western psychotherapy, to starting my own food business in Amsterdam, to finding God, leaving everything behind and taking a flight to India for a deep spiritual experience and after continued traveling for 3 more years around the world until today, in Berlin, and ready to share my life story and philosophy with you.”

Acoustic Live: Indian Taste by PAPIA & BAISHNAV TANTRA
May 15 (Friday), 21:00


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LIVE by: Papia & Baishnav Tantra (vocal, sitar & tabla)
Soundcloud. Website.

ENTRY fee: 5 eur.

PAPIA & BAISHNAV TANTRA play Bengali Baul, Sufi and tribal music. Their rustic, wild songs carry the taste of the Indian soil and the smell of cow dung from the Indian villages to Berlin. The music takes the audience to the rural regions of eastern India and depicts the village life, Baul and Sufi spirituality and the local landscapes in bright colors: sometimes poetic as the words of Rabindranath Tagore, sometimes rough as the daily life in the villages.

The group is led and founded by artist, singer, poet and actress Papia Ghoshal, who besides singing plays harmonium, ektara and the duggi drum. She is a disciple of the legendary Baul singer Purna Das Baul and travels extensively to learn directly from the Bauls, Fakirs and the tribes, where the group’s music originates.

The Sitar in PAPIA & BAISHNAV TANTRA is played by German sitarist Sebastian Dreyer. Being primarily an accomplished classical solo instrumentalist and well known to the Berlin audience, he adds a special flavour to the music of the group in which he also plays the dotara.

The tabla player of the band is Pavel Kassai from Prague, who is studying classical tabla in Kolkata. For PAPIA & BAISHNAV TANTRA he focuses on folk style of playing tabla and also develops his own creations.

MEDITATION and Talk: Understanding the TWO TRUTHS
May 17 (Sunday), 21:00


Meditation GUIDED by: Seseg Zhigzhitova
Tergar Website. Tergar Facebook.

TALK by: Arne Schelling
Translate84000. Facebook.

TOPIC: Understanding the Two Truths

ENTRY fee: donation.

What is reality? Dictionaries tell us that reality is “the state of things as they actually exist.” In Buddhism, reality is explained with the concept of the Two Truths.

It tells us that existence can be understood as both absolute and relative. The absolute (or ultimate) truth is the inherent nature of everything, how things really are. The relative (or conventional) truth is how things appear.

Holding on to the appearance of things, the relative truth, as having some kind of true existence, causes natural and self-created suffering. Recognition of the absolute truth brings freedom and peace of mind.

Seseg Zhigzhitova is a group coordinator and practice leader of of the Tergar Practice group Berlin, which is a part of International Tergar Meditation Community, guided by Mingyur Rinpoche. Seseg lives in Berlin, working as an architect.

Arne Schelling has been practicing meditation since he is 15. He works as doctor in Berlin and translates buddhists teachers. He is a student of the great lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


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