How to Resolve Conflicts, Somatherapy, The Bhaktas, Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls

NOMAD is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 21:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till the party goes on. Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

June 24 (Wednesday), 21:00


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TALK by: Alon Parag

ENTRY fee: donation.

As we grow up we buy a sense of justice, of what is right and what is ideal. This approach is unhelpful when we want to resolve conflicts, as justice is, relevant.

Through his story of growing up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Alon will show us the price that we pay for holding on into justice, and an approach to transcend it and approach conflicts in an constructive and holistic way, and how we can implement it in our daily life challenges.

Film & Talk: SOMATHERAPY – Between Inner Work and Activism
June 25 (Thursday), 21:00


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DOCUMENTARY: Soma: An Anarchist Therapy (50 min)

ENTRY fee: donation.

Somatherapy was developed by the Brazilian dissident Roberto Freire in the 1970s. It’s influenced by Wilhelm Reich’s anti-psychological approach to bodywork, capoiera angola and anarchist politics. Therapeutic groups have been organizing in Brazil for 40 years as laboratories of de-conditioning, in which participants work on their “personal” issues while simultaneously undoing the effects of capitalism and authoritarian structures on mental/physical health.

Somatherapy is based on several principles:
-all psychological issues are linked to bioenergetic imbalances and dysfunctional social relationships, so the very idea of “psychology” as a separate field is false and dangerous
-the hierarchical function of the therapist should be abolished because it robs people of their power
-therapy shouldn’t be harsh and serious but focused on pleasure, spontaneity and playfulness to tap into the instincts of childhood

Join us for a screening of the documentary film “Soma: An Anarchist Therapy” (by Nick Cooper, 2006, 50 min), followed by a discussion about the complementary and contradictory relations between inner work and activism.

Presentation by Joanne Richardson and participants of a recent de-conditioning workshop that was based (partly) on somatherapy.

Live: THE BHAKTAS – Release of the New Album
June 27 (Saturday), 21:00


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LIVE by: The Bhaktas (electronic mantra)
Bandcamp. Facebook.

ENTRY fee: 5 eur.

“Cosmic Mantra” by THE BHAKTAS is now [Reincarnated] & will be released on the special day of June the 27th @ NOMAD. A collection of an amazing PsyAmbient Mantras, with the collaboration of Mantra Legends KRISHNA DAS & JAI UTTAL, and mastered by AES DANA @ Ultimae Records. The whole album will be performed by THE BHAKTAS live and will be featuring the great Indian Flute player Babua.

The Bhaktas is a music project focusing on a place where ancient Sanskrit Mantras and modern electronic ambient and trans music meet. Through their live performances, The Bhaktas spread their love and devotion all over the world in a beautiful meditative way that blends traditional Indian chants and Bhajans with electronic music. Through their compositions, they try to establish a link of the beauty of our own being and the Cosmic feeling around us that helps us to realise that we are all One.

The Bhaktas mean “devoted people” and both musicians PHANENDRA (composing, electronics) and SHAKTI (composing, vocals) are living the celebration of a spiritual life. They take endless inspirations from the yogic teachings of Ananda Marga. Their Guru Shri Shri Anandamurti inspires them to live a devotional spiritual life and find their own inner path to the One through chanting Kirtan and practicing meditation.

June 28 (Sunday), 21:00


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GUIDED by: Stephen Lemcke

ENTRY fee: donation.

Stephen will bring his 8 Tibetan Singing Bowls made from brass and tuned corresponding to the chakras according to the planetary sound system of Hans Cousto. He will guide the meditation with the calming sounds, which is medicine for the psyche, not to say healing. It’s meant to bring harmony within your SELF.


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