Hypersensitivity, Meditation

NOMAD is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 21:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till the party goes on. Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

Talk: How to Deal with HYPERSENSITIVITY
July 1 (Wednesday), 21:00


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TALK by: Thomas Bröker

ENTRY fee: donation.

About 20% of people are “highly sensitive”.

* What does that mean? * They take in more stimuli than others. And perceive them stronger. This perception is a talent and has great advantages. But many “highly sensitive” have not (yet) learned to deal with it and thus they suffer from their high sensitivity. This means: They have a higher susceptibility to stress, self-doubt, vulnerability and from that often simply cannot say “no” or communicate their needs.

* What is this presentation about? * Its about the basics of being highly sensitive. We will approach the questions:
– what is high sensitivity?
– what are typical characteristics of highly sensitive people?
– where does it come from?
– how can I learn to have a better life with my sensitivity?
Thomas is looking forward to share with you what he has learned.

* Thomas’ story * “When I came across the term “high sensitivity” some time ago, it has opened my eyes at once. The first book I have read on the subject could have been my biography. So precisely I found myself there. For me it was a huge relief to know that I’m not alone with many features such as over-stimulation, great empathy etc. Since then, I always learn better how to deal with my highly sensitive perception and see how important it is for me. Previously my highly sensitive perception was often a burden, now I recognize my high sensitivity ever more as a precious gift and I am very glad I am highly sensitive.”

Guided MEDITATION: Training the Mind
Every Sunday, 21:00


Every Sunday we gather to meditate and get some motivation to continue doing it regularly.

Meditation is the most useful skill you can master. It can bring the mind to the end of suffering, something no other skill can do. But it’s also the most subtle and demanding skill there is. It requires all the mental qualities ordinarily involved in mastering a physical skill — mindfulness and alertness, persistence and patience, discipline and ingenuity — but to an extraordinary degree. This is why, when you come to meditation, it’s good to reflect on any skills, crafts, or disciplines you’ve already mastered so that you can apply the lessons they’ve taught you to the training of the mind.


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