Radical Honesty, Tribeology, Ambient, Meditation

NOMAD is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 21:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till the party goes on. Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

Talk: RADICAL HONESTY- How to Live by Telling the Truth
July 22 (Wednesday), 21:00


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TALK by: Jura Glo

ENTRY fee: donation.

Can I be honest all the time?
What is the truth?
Should I tell my partner that s/he is fat/too skinny?
I cheated on my partner, should I tell him/her that too?
I hate my job, if I say what I think, I’ll get fired. Is radical honesty even possible?
How does radical honesty work?
Can I be honest to myself?

Come over and let’s talk about it.

It started more than 20 years ago in the U.S.; a trained gestalt therapist, Brad Blanton, was taught by his clients that the main cause of stress and suffering is lying. In 45 years of psychotherapy he developed transformational techniques of living authentic and fulfilled lives. Telling the truth is one of the conditions to (re-)create and maintain honest relationships to oneself and the people that matter.

Radical Honesty in Berlin started as an independent project for people to gather and share. It was based on the idea of creating a safe space for people to express themselves, evolve out-loud, bitch about stuff, get over it, connect with other people and create life in an honest environment.

Later on Jura Glo got introduced to Brad Blanton’s radical honesty. After participation in his 6-days workshop Jura implemented the original techniques, sharing and authentic relating activities in Berlin.

Talk: TRIBEology – Let the Right People Help You
July 23 (Thursday), 21:00


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TALK by: Julia Homilius

ENTRY fee: donation.

How do you combine moneyflow with sense, your personal strenghts and the right people?
This talk answers this question by presenting to you the concept of “Tribeology”: Who is part of your tribe and why? There will be inspirational examples, followed by a discussion on why it is so hard to focus on the right people.

Wir sind doch Rudeltiere oder, ODER?!
Bring deinen Geldfluss mit Sinn, deinen persönlichen Stärken und den richtigen Leuten zusammen. Das Konzept was ich in diesem Rahmen vorstelle und Tribeology nenne beantwortet die Frage nach deinem “Tribe” und auch die Frage warum das die richtigen Leute sind.
Oder findet nur Mutti gut was du grade machst?!
Es gibt neben Inspirationen und dem Geheimrezept zum richtigen Lebenskonzept auch eine Diskussion zum Thema “Warum ist es eigentlich so schwer sich auf die richtigen Leute zu konzentrieren?”

DJ Night: MARS LEDER – Journey through Beatless Drones and Playful Melodies
July 25 (Saturday), 21:00


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DJ SET by: Mars Leder (ambient)

ENTRY fee: 3 eur.

Mars Leder is a Berlin based DJ who plays (besides techno) ambient and experimental music. With atmospheric and deep songs he always aims to create a special atmosphere and to take you on a journey through beatless droneyness and playful melodies.

Guided MEDITATION with Holger Yeshe (Tergar Meditation Community)
July 26 (Sunday), 21:00


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GUIDED by: Holger Yeshe

ENTRY fee: donation.

Experienced meditation practitioner and teacher Holger Yeshe will guide us through meditation and share some knowledge.

Holger Yeshe has been practising meditation since 1999 and has been a student of Mingyur Rinpoche since 2006. Born in Nürnberg, Germany, he has been living abroad for most of his life mainly in different meditation centers. Since 2005 he lives in India and Nepal. Since 2010 he has been studying Buddhist philosophy and the Tibetan language in Dharamsala and leading Joy of Living groups in Kathmandu, Erlangen, Nürnberg, and Dharamsala.


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