Nomad Transforming, Ambient meets Sitar, Sunday Chai

NOMAD Transforming
July 31 (Friday), 21:00


We were working on some changes in Nomad, we are closed on Wednesday-Thursday to set everything up.
Hope you like the transformation, come over to check it out on Friday (31 July)!

NOMAD Transformed: AMBIENT meets SITAR
August 1 (Saturday), 21:00


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MUSIC by: Mystic Crock (ambient) & Andreas Miranda (sitar)

Previous project “Ambient Meets Didgeridoo”:

ENTRY fee: 6 eur.

Celebrating NOMAD’s transformation we invited two amazing musicians Andreas Miranda and Mystic Crock to connect their musical passions and create new worlds of sound. Sophisticated ambient’s grooves will blend with sitar’s oriental landscapes.

Andreas Miranda is a Belgian sitar player who studied traditional Hindustani Music under the guidance of Darshan Kumari. He has performed in various venues and festivals in Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Germany. As a big fan of ambient electronic music, Andreas likes to create a natural synergy between the two musical spheres to generate a unique and electro instrumental flow in his live sets.

Mystic Crock started off into his ambient cosmos and began producing his own tracks in 2013, after playing as a DJ for many years. “Nomad” was his debut album as a solo artist. His third album “Reef” was mastered by Aes Dana (Ultimae Rec). Recently Mystic Crock released a new album “ 6 AM”, where he collected progressive remixes of his best songs.

Sunday CHAI
August 2 (Sunday), 21:00


Join the new tradition at NOMAD – let’s gather to relax after a long week drinking some chai, ginger tea, herbal tea, ice chai or milk shake.

Exhibition by MANU MENENDEZ, July 17 – Sep 17

Artworks by: Manú Menéndez (visionary art)


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