Autumn’s Opening Hours, Sunday Chai

NOMAD Bar is open on Wednesday to Sunday, from 20:00 till 00:00, on the weekends – till the party goes on. Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

Autumn’s Opening Hours
20:00 starting Wednesday, 9 Sep 2015


Don’t stay in the playground after sunset – starting this week, NOMAD opens its door at 20:00!

Sunday CHAI
20:00 every Sunday


CHAI TEA is a special drink and from now on it’s going to be even more appreciated as we serve it ONLY ON SUNDAYS! Come over if you miss the taste of chai tea, ginger tea or herbal tea.

NEXT WEEK: Opening of the New Exhibition: TESSA MYTHOS
20:00 Friday, 18 Sep 2015


Artworks by: TESSA MYTHOS (Canada)

DJ set by: GLYPHIX (Canada)

Entry: FREE.

We are happy to announce new exhibition by a wonderful visionary artist Tessa Mythos from Victoria, B.C. Canada. At the opening party MoKii Glyphix, Tessa’s good friend and talented DJ, will delight us with trippy music.

Tessa Mythos is a largely self-taught artist, believing in experience as the greatest teacher. Her work is based on and inspired by an ongoing study of mythology, legend (personal and universal) and the interrelationships of symbol in culture and nature. Symbiosis-Symbiology as Evolutionary Universal Cooperative.

Greatly moved by the Ceremonial and Ritualistic aspects of creation as well as the Spontaneous creation, she works from her Intuition and Spirit. Guided by trust and inspired by the realms of Spirit, Magic, Medicine, Nature, Prophecy, Animals, Faery, Eternity and the Healing Arts. Evolution and the subconscious / conscious / & super*conscious aspects of the human pshyche and potential. Within the human Pshyche is the Universal Exsistance of Everything, You + Me = Universe in Reflection. Uni-Verse : One- Song.


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