Will Sex Become Extinct, Sadu Orona

NOMAD Bar is open on Wednesday to Saturday, from 20:00 till 00:00.
Our address: Mahlower Str. 32, 12049 Berlin – Neukölln. U8 Boddinstraße.

Docu Night: WILL SEX BECOME EXTINCT? (with Morgan Freeman)
Thursday, 07 April 2016, 20:00


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FILM: Will Sex Become Extinct? Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (2014).
ENTRY: 1 eur donation.

Sex is amazing. Why? Well, because without sex, none of us would be here. We are all descendants of the very first human male and female. And for almost all of human history, the way we have made babies has not changed at all.

But a brave new world of human reproduction is just around the corner. New technology and our evolving biology are about to rewrite the future of sex and change the age-old roles of men and women.

We could soon make children from two fathers or from two mothers. Babies could grow outside the womb. We might even create hybrid people — part human, part animal. Human reproduction, unchanged for millions of years, is about to undergo a revolution. If this is the case, will sex become extinct?

Ambient DJ Night: SADU ORONA – Dance of Dark Shadows
Saturday, 09 April 2016, 21:00


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DJ SET by: SADU ORONA (dark ambient).
ENTRY: 3 eur.

Inspired by shadowy dancers whirling insanely through clouds of smoke and dark lights. Sadu’s particular approach to music is purely bacchanal. Hyper dimensional techno and dreamless ambiance. Conjuring noise to discover, develop, and increase the frequency of peak experiences. The rush of sound exploding and the constant waves of energy that people are giving off while getting off.

Sweet & Spicy CHAI TEA
Every day


Celebrating the spring we serve our special sweet & spicy CHAI TEA every day!


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