NOMAD is one year old now

Exactly one year ago Nomad opened it’s door for the first time. It is such a short time, yet it seems that Nomad has been existing for ages. So many first times, crowded gatherings, smiling faces, new friends, interesting discussions, mind expanding ideas, life changing activities took place here. Since it’s inception Nomad hosted 6 exhibitions, 13 talks, 13 meditation sessions, 14 acoustic live concerts, 27 documentary films and even 41 ambient gigs. And there are more events coming, something we haven’t done yet and hopefully you haven’t experienced before!

To memorize this milestone we are releasing a music compilation “NOMAD Ambient vol.1”. It presents songs of the artists who had played at Nomad during it’s first year of existence. You can buy the mp3s on Bandcamp or a hard copy (CD+mp3) at the chai bar!

“NOMAD Ambient vol.1” tracklist:

1. CHRIS ZIPPEL – Shikasta
2. MYSTIC CROCK – Deep Atmospheres
3. GRAINS OF SOUND – Ultraviolet
4. HARMONIC FREQUENCY – Imperfection In Perspective
6. SANGEET – Manjeera
7. THE BHAKTAS – Guru Puja (Feat. Jai Uttal)
8. SHIDO – Kathodos (Nomad Edit)
9. B.ASHRA – Magical Meditation

Many thanks to the artists for magnificent gigs, which made Nomad a precious place for ambient fans!


Cosmic Octave stories

What a blessing is to have Nomad, not only because it was our dream to open a bar for psybient music fans and it came true, but also because of the people who come to Nomad.


We have an honor to meet talented psybient DJs. Some of them have been having gigs for more than 10 years! They all are very passionate about music, seeking an opportunity to spread their own message about life, love, universe, through musical structure or rhythm.

Recent Nomad’s guest was B.Ashra, a musician from Berlin. He’s from the old school of ambient, collecting notes by natural phenomena called The Cosmic Octave. It is a natural law based upon a principle in physics, which is the process of octavation.


As he started his astronomical, mathematical, musical DJ set, all pillows and carpets were covered with beautiful, colorful dressed, smiling people. Our guests are the greatest things we get in Nomad! Each of them brings a story with themselves.  As the evening started, a group of people entered, dressed full-color in Goa style with lovely smiles on their faces.


Their ‘story’ was clothes. Three friends make exclusive clothing using bleaching and printing technique. We talked about collaboration with them. That kind of clothes surely deserve some publicity!

Right after the small talk with young designers, a young woman introduced herself. Her passion is paint and light. She paints on candlesticks, making kaleidoscopically swirling patterns. She brought several artworks as a gift for Nomad! You can come over and look at these psychedelic sources of light on our bar! Warning: you can easily drift away by looking at them! :)

The artist told us that she was also growing the idea to open a chillout cafe in Berlin, but we did it first ;) She was very excited about Nomad, I felt a lot of support from her. We are thinking to make the exhibition of her artworks.

Speaking of ideas coming true, that night we spoke with more guests and heard the same story: at some point of their lives they wanted to open a chillout bar! We were happy to know, that people really need this kind of place to exist. Psy-trance is for partying on weekends and psybient is for everyday. Especially I enjoyed to hear people saying that here they feel like at home. This is what we wanted from the first day of opening Nomad.

After one more wonderful event I got myself thinking about messages that music tells and stories that people bring with themselves. It’s all up there  – in universe waiting to be decoded. Something was definitely decoded that evening.

More pictures of the event are in our Facebook page.

Trip to the space impromptu


Back in the summer we had one great, unexpected experience: the owner of the legendary Raw Tempel Club wrote us, that we can build our Chill Tipi next to his club, where the Goa party will be held. When? Next day!

It doesn’t sound dramatic, but for us it was, because we always planned Tipi’s events very carefully, with decent preparation and schedule. That’s why we needed a minute or two to decide what to do. We couldn’t resist the spell of RAW, so the tipi was built for this  unbelievably nice party! Old wisdom: it’s good to be open to unexpected opportunities, you might get amazing unexpected experience.

A lot of time passed since last summer. Tipi’s concept developed into the chai bar and now we have a small oasis for all lovers of psybient and visionary art. It seems that the fate decided to test, how well we learned the lesson about saying ‘yes’ to impromptu.

After the opening, we didn’t plan to have other live performances any time soon because of the neighbors, lack of connections with artists and other reasons.

But then we received a message from one very friendly and open-minded person, Iurii from Gagarin Project. He congratulated Nomad with the opening and offered his gig at Nomad! We knew his project thanks to social networks, but had never met him before.


Once again we said ‘yes’ to unexpected experience and were waiting for Gagarin Project impatiently.  The plane from Paris landed very late. Most of the people, who came to the chai bar earlier, lost their patience and left.

A good friend of ours brought Iurii from the airport straight to Nomad. From the plane to the stage! You don’t have to be Mick Jagger to experience that :)

On Iurii’s arrival something magic happened and people started to gather again. It was incredible to see them taking the seats on the pillows as the DJ was preparing for the set.


And then suddenly first notes sounded. Pure enlightenment covered the room and everything became alive. Space’s visualizations behind Iurii’s back strengthened the cosmic sensation.


Two hours passed like two minutes. After the event we learned two things: say ‘yes’ to opportunities and let Nomad become alive with DJ performances.

Thank you, Iurii, and thank you, Fate!

More pictures are here.


Thank you!!!


Thank you all for coming to the opening event!!! It was incredible to see so many beautiful people in our small place! Special thanks to Marco for the magic exhibition of psy art, Igor for magnificent white mandalas, Mystic Crock for fantastic music and all our friends who supported us and helped to make the idea real.

If you took some photos of the event, please send us directly or post it on Facebook!

Now we have to take a small break, we’ll be open daily from Monday. Our opening hours are from 19:00 till 01:00 every day. Hope to see you soon!

More pictures here.

DSC_0906 Vorderraum vDurchgang

One of those days…

One of those special days of making Nomad: Marco from Collider Art hung some mind-blowing pieces of visionary art on the walls of our chai bar, bringing magical artistic vibration.

The opening day is getting closer and closer, our friends!!!
Thanks again, Marco and Silvia!


The Magic Carpet Ride


This is very symbolic: the first time we built our Tipi was in May in R19 club. One cool & crazy gentleman known as Ganesh let us participate in his party. It was the starting point, the season opening for Nomad.

Now guess where we gonna close the season? Yesss! Same R19 club, same yard, only different party, of course ;)

This time we all gonna step on the magic carpet and have blasting trip along with some energizing music and lovely people.

Hop in!

Summertime Happiness


The summer is theoretically and astronomically over. Although the sky is still blue, the shine is shinning as bright as it used to. Almost nothing has changed. Almost. Yet, want it or not, we know, we feel, that the summer’s craziness is already behind us, together with some nice memories about the places we’ve been to, the people we’ve met, the experiences we’ve confronted.

We, Nomad, can say: our summer was unbelievably awesome, rich of travels, beautiful places, people, generous of the first times.

July was memorable for going back to our native Lithuania and attending the super cozy, but super powerful Yaga festival. Since the Lithuanian Goa scene is very small and breathes quietly in the underground, it was a good experience to go deep in the forests, together with a couple of thousand likewise thinking minds. Green, tall and wide trees surrounded us for three days, nothing but moss we felt under our feet.


How much love and attention the organizers have put into the whole festival! Attention to the details, to the surroundings, to the welfare of people.


Yaga had an ancient pagan type of atmosphere, which is not very usual to other Goa festivals. Everything felt just right. Nevertheless to say, our Tipi fitted there perfectly. Who would have known that native Americans’ house – Tipi matches Lithuania’s forest.


People, who entered our Tipi and drifted away for shorter or longer time, were just alike as anywhere else – curious, kind, relaxed and… happy.

After this experience coming back to Berlin was a bit difficult. But that’s why we leave our homes: to shake emotions and have a fresh new look to everyday surroundings.

After couple of weeks spent in our beloved Berlin, in the beginning of August we left it again! This time for something much bigger, for a paradise, for a dream-come-true, for the one and only Ozora! Evo has been there once in 2011 and I was an Ozora virgin, dreaming to go there since I faced the Goa world. Three words above the entrance to the festival’s area were absolutely true – ‘’Welcome to paradise!” and so it was.

Pic by Rattengoettin

When we reached the paradise it was already a night, so we didn’t unpack the tipi. We went straight to Ozora city and spent couple of best hours in our lives there until the early morning’s sun greeted us. First impressions about Ozora stay in peoples’ minds forever. My first impression was speechless and I’m not exaggerating. I’m open-minded, the world still fascinates me and so Ozora fascinated me. For plenty of reasons. One of them is that it creates a real society, a community, a city, a world inside of the world. From a shopping street to districts and scenes, everything said: ‘‘Hello, no matter where are you from, welcome home’’.

Since we came to Ozora with a ‘mission’ to unfurl Tipi, we did it next day.


Now, as I’m thinking about it from the present’s perspective, I understand that the universe planned everything a bit differently than we did.

Urge for exploration of the festival was bigger than staying in Tipi, so after couple of hours spent inside we closed it and got ourselves into the Goa world wildness again. The main stage is always massive in Ozora, people were having their best moments there but we are more down-tempo, groovy kind of souls. For this reasons the chill out stage became our ‘district’, our home. It’s the rhythm we relate to, the music we absorb to our alchemic minds turning it to something more than gold.

Mother Nature prepared us a surprise – a storm on Friday night. Obviously, we didn’t even open our Tipi’s door, otherwise it would had inflated like a hot air balloon and taken us somewhere far far way to the Neverland. Tipi survived the strong wind gusts, the storm didn’t stop Ozora’s life and it didn’t stop us from having another blasting night.

We left Ozora on Sunday. Our heads were too small to maintain such an amount of thoughts about what happened in this land.  Long trip back to Berlin was a nice way to put all the memories and experiences in to the shelves and lock them safely.

Ozora finished our season of festivals, we and Tipi were back in the city, the place where our story had stared. That’s why we were more than excited, when our good friend, multi talented Natalia invited us to the party she was organizing, called ‘’Summer of P.L.U.R’’. It was a nice way to end the calendar’s summer. We built the Tipi in the backyard of Wiesenweg 5-9, where we never did it before.


The event was loaded with nice people, good full-on trance, long conversations & more. Just like the summer, which had just ended but left us a note, that the autumn is going to bring us to the next stage – Nomad idea’s roots.

(more information soon ;))

Remembering the Tree of Life


Tuesday morning was incredibly light and clear. I felt freedom and adventures coming very soon, when i woke up and realized that the extraordinary event is waiting for us. Yes, before the trip we were bothered by some everyday troubles, but they are nothing compared to the huge electricity (positive, pleasurable), sizzling of impatience and happiness like on Christmas morning in the childhood.


The streets of Istanbul were stony, narrow, snaky and loud. They were going up and down, wearing our feet. We were passing by big, sweaty, mustached, black-eyed men and crow-like women, covering their bodies and souls under black vague-shaped clothes.


Tired and overheated, we took a pause in a small café, released our wet shoulders from the backpacks and had some sweet Turkish tea. We were watching an unusual life of the locals.


We felt a bit embarrassed about being there during the protests, as if we were touring here from the secure Western Europe and entertaining ourselves watching the upheaval-plagued nation.


Exhausted by heat we travelled to Izmir, towards Tree of Life. In the beginning of our arrival we felt as aliens who found oneselves in another galaxy, which was so smooth and beautiful. Gradually we were domesticated and the galaxy became home.


After couple of observational walks the territory was more or less familiar. We were here. We felt belonging here, peaceful, real. We remembered this feeling at another festival, Psychedelic Experience. It was like purification, comeback to the true self. I think it happens to all psy people, who gather in the community. You have ground under your feet, sky above your head, and air in your lungs.  That’s all. You are in the harmonic confrontation with nature and people, who are same as you. No imaginary roles, no despicably minor problems, which look incredibly important in your “everyday life”. I believe that this moment exposes a person.


More sensitive ones (like me) remove their armor, without which life in the urban jungle is unthinkable. I was waiting for this moment and knew that i would like this true self. Probably the first time in my life i admitted to myself and others, that was tired of work, of intensive life. I saw, that it was making me unfriendly and harsh. It knew that Tree of Life would clean all accumulated dirt. I remember who I really was and so “clarified” would go back to life. Then it would be easier to deal with work, routine, i would smile more and love more.


In the peak of night we went to dance, we hadn’t done it for a while. Dance is communication. Every movement and gesture says something. Like writing a diary: The Earth is your piece of paper, and music – a pencil.


I rediscovered psybient there, because it never sounded so ethereally beautiful, so suited to the state of mind. Or maybe only now i fell in love with this music and the whole world of Goa?!..


Our life in the Tree of Life community was slow and quiet during the day, vigorous and dreamy at night. Sometimes we were looking for a respite from the action, and we found it. Tree of Life was surrounded by nature of a great beauty, hills, high and low, trees, water. Nothing like i’d seen before.


We climbed up to the mountain, sat on the sun-stained grass and smiled. Just a little, with the corners of the mouth. We were observing Tree of Life’s community from above, imagining Nomad’s Tipi standing there. I have no doubt – it would fit there perfectly!


Tipi in the city. Unplanned experience


Once again – impromptu things are the wildest! On the Saturday we had the best event with Tipi so far! And here’s a short story to prove my words.

Since the summer started there’s not so much action in the city. Festivals and open airs are on the pedestal. Goa trance scene is not an exception. Most of the Goa trance parties now are being held outside of Berlin under the sky. Some of them are legal, some of them are not, but they are popular for sure. To find indoor Goa trance party is sort of a miracle these days. When in Goabase we found that there will be a party held in a club, we decided to contact the organizers and offer to build a tipi next to the entrance to the club. The answer was short – “ok do it”. And so we did.

The club is a special Berlin’s spot that’s why we were so excited that they gave us a green light to build a tipi.  It’s called Raw Tempel and is located in a former railway maintenance yard. 8.800 m2 area now is being used by artists for cultural purposes and social goals. No surprise that the owner of the club is a very colorful charismatic person. Just like the whole RAW :)

We started to build Tipi in the Saturday’s afternoon. The day was very hot but it didn’t melt Tipi nor our enthusiasm. Although we had some technical problems (it becomes a tradition) everything went well. The staff of the club was very helpful and friendly. It’s very important for us to meet people en route with a “sharing is caring” kind of attitude. It seemed that RAW people care.

This time our Tipi looked smaller than usually because the area next to the club’s entrance was not so spacious. Our Tipi is very flexible :)


It was already midnight when the first people entered Tipi, we were greeting them with a smile. If someone was peeking timidly from the outside, we were inviting them with a friendly handwave.


One person led to another and pretty soon the Tipi was full. They were sitting so close to each other and still there were no free space left. If I were a rock star I would just say “the crowd was fantastic”. Our guests were very curious, mindful, attentive to details, friendly to us and to each other. It was more than nice to see them in our small temporary home creating the vibe of community. Our chai and brownies were the food table’s hit!  They got the best responses and I’m very pleased about that.

We experienced a lot of memorable moments there. I remember a girl name Anka. What a hippy, crazy, cheerful soul! She paints, she makes dream catchers and she dances like a wild one! In the end, I was the one who painted on her face :)


There also was a small girl with beautiful voice. She was sitting peacefully in the Tipi for an hour or so. You could tell that she’s enjoying the moment and stimulating sounds of ambient music. Suddenly she started to sing a Balkan chant! It was so pure and felt so right.

Another moment I remember: when I went back to Tipi from the club, an extraordinary view appeared to me. All people in the Tipi were lying on the floor and on the pillows. I looked at Evo, who was sitting behind the table calmly, and thought “what did you do to them?!” :) I guess they all were having some kind of nomadic dreams ;)


In the morning both me and Evo were quite exhausted from the long day and night, so decided to wrap it up early. People were still chilling in the Tipi, but we had to switch music off.  They thanked us for a wonderful time and left.

We packed in two hours and left the legendary RAW, still a bit shaking from all the joy we experienced that night. Peace and love to Raw Tempel and to the “fantastic crowd”!